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There Is Always Hope!

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1.1.1[1]: The Wanderer Remembers the 3Doomsdays


The Wanderer was there during the three days in which the world was shattered, blasted, massacred, vaporised and harmed in so many ways. The Wanderer was in many places.


Mushroom clouds rising in the distance. Disintegration spheres expanding. Fireballs exploding up and outwards. Germ weapons striking so deadly along with nerve gas ones. Great lasers spitting fiery beams...


Was it a treacherous Skynet that began it all? Or was it one of the three superpowers of Soviets, Corporates or Imperials? Or was it the alien zetans or even the more dangerous greys? Or was it one of those darkly whispered of entities that supposedly appeared in the days leading up to the 3Doomsdays when the amazing new Utopian Wonder Technologies were activated?


The Wanderer did not know but did clearly remember the massive amount of death, destruction, disruption, displacement and despair that took place. Yet there were other events and there was always hope.

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1.2.1[2] A Skirmish in the Rimvault; PestRegulators Versus Radroachers


Juniper picked up a non dangerous type radroach and passed it to Jasmine who placed it on the vault chamber floor, both triplets being careful with the defensive-aggressive only radcritter. Berserker enraged radroaches came rushing at the PestRegulators' defensive line, being bigger and more aggressive than their more peaceful cousins.


The big, never used, chamber echoed with the sound of the rifle shot. Since TechVault101 had been completed, no use had been found for it, either official or unofficial or even semiofficial.


Jadekin was the identical quadruplet sister to Juniper, Jessica, Josylin and Jasmine; only Juniper and Jadekin were there. She raised and fired off her bolt-action 5.6mm (.22LR) killing a radroacher that writhed terribly in its death throws as did all of them. Insects scuttled beneath her as they hurried through the defensive line. They, like the radroaches, would end up in a lifechamber where they would contribute resources to TechVault101.


A highly venomous cave snake slithered up to Josylin and coiled up next to her but it remained on the alert, ever ready to kill any radroachers. Creatures often behaved quite 'oddly' with the psychic-psyker quintuplets.


Juniper spoke. "The radroachers are getting better armoured and spiked. Look at those larger mandibles."


Radroaches, and radroachers, had a unique kind of mandibles unlike cockroaches that had no mandibles.


They were in a rimvault subvault, the rimvault being the area between the outer hull and the 13 primevaults of the greater techvault. The bleakness, hardness, of the rimvault was even worse than in the primevault areas and they were not good; it was somehow made worse by the strange scuttling, clicking sounds, of the radroaches and radroachers.


TechiJoe sat with the three claptrap robots, each lowered so that its single wheel was drawn up into its body and its body touched the floor. The three, normally chatty, robots were quiet. SparkyFred, ZippyFred and DandyFred were emboldened by the presence of TechiJoe who cared for all VT101 PestRegulation Subdepartment claptraps. They were ready to use powerful zappers, heavy clubs and other devices against the radroachers.


The three StephSisters shot off arrows that took down radroacher after radroacher but they were starting to run out of projectiles and they were unable to recover any used ones.


Harry was the medic who tended to any lifeforms including injured radroaches. He did not like killing, was not good at it, so was an official medic of the VT101-PRSD that was linked to the Environmental Ecological Regulation Department or VT101-EERD.


The Overseers loved the fancy sounding titles that they came up with for councils, departments and other Overseer organisations.


Jadekin again aimed her own 5.6mm bolt-action rifle and fired it off, killing another radroacher. Working the bolt with impressive speed-efficiency, she took down another one.


The number of the attackers was dwindling.


Dead, dying, radroachers littered the floor along with some other creatures that had not managed to escape from the radroachers but it was mainly the bigger targets, of radroachers, that had suffered.


Then the last of the living, unwounded, radroachers were abruptly fleeting and those ones living, who could not do so, abruptly died from a so far unidentified cause.

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1.2.2[3] A Skirmish in the Rimvault; the Aftermath and a Strange Encounter


The StephSisters gathered up used arrows, cleaning them and then putting them to one side. Most needed no repairs to be done. Spent casing were all picked up for reuse.


Others, including the claptraps, moved radroacher corpses and dumped them onto big quadcycle pulled trailers but soon they ran out of room. So some of the PestRegulators went off with the first load, taking the dead radroachers to the nearest official recycling station except for a few that would go to the Research Development Subdepartment of the Science Department. There Professor James Anderson, father to the quintuplets, would examine them carefully with assistance from others.


As usual the official PestExterminators had failed to show up to assist the PestRegulators though they had promised to do so. This was the fifth time, in a row, that there had been a no show. Frustration, with the PestExterminators, was growing and not just by the PestRegulators.


Then tensions increased as five men strode into the chamber in black security vaultsuits with security body-armour including visorhelmets. The men held 10mmCC submachineguns, with shoulder straps, and each had a 10mmCC semiautopistol at his side along with a heavy duty stunclub designed give much higher voltage than standard ones. They were also longer and thicker. 


The one in charge, Lieutenant Brad O'Daniel, was one of the Security HighOverseer's cronies. He scowled through helmet. "The Security Department has good reason to believe that you PestRegulators have been up to no good. Allen Mack, himself, has ordered us to confiscate all of your equipment-supplies. You will, of course, have to be strip searched." He grinned.


Jadekin shook her head. "HighOverseer Allen Mack might be arrogant, and aggressive, but he is far from being stupid. There is something wrong with the five of you. Your skin is oddly flushed and you are sweating profusely. You also smell disturbingly strange. Your eyes are amazingly intense and are bloodshot. You are constantly trembling slightly. Your visorhelmets bulge oddly at the back which is something that you are trying to hide from us but we utilise the mindeye."


The five newcomers went to raise, and fire, their submachineguns only to be shot down from behind at the very same time. There was only the soft thump sounds from the open doorway but by the time the bodies hit the floor, who-what ever had done the shooting were gone with the same amazing swiftness as they had appeared with.


Juniper smiled. "Our secret sisters came to our rescue just as they did before when they killed many radroachers before they reached us.! We need to find out just what those things are and as soon as possible."


The four secret sisters of the SQuadruplets of Sarshie, Sonyiar, Suzanne and Sabrina had been in the area and had not moved far away.


Those there needed assistance to get everything to their proper destinations. James Anderson would be wanting badly to examine the twisted humans but so would their mother, Catherine. As for the last of the dead radroachers, they would go where the first lot had been sent.


The encounter had been very disturbing but, according to various sources of information, far from the first of the kind to happen in, or near to, TechVault101.


Harry, who was trying to organise saved lifeforms with him, was quick to quiet them for all had detected something extremely unnatural about the five men. Radroaches, radrats, one radsnake, rats, cats and others were gathered close to him as Harry made sure none of them ate any others of them. He had a deep way with animals-plants that surprised even the JQuintuplets. 

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Note: Official VaultTech Standard Template, Can Vary


TechVault is divided into 13 primevaults that is each divided into 13 subvaults.


13 PrimeVaults:

One CoreVault.

Command: direction, coordination and supervision; central administration; special government facilities.

Three LifeVaults.

Accommodation and related service-support. Some agriculture.

Three ServoVaults.

Service Support to all of the TechVault including themselves.

Three SpeciVaults.

SpeciVaults are selected for given techvaults but more common types are general research-development, industrial-logistics, special emergency survival, special experimental program-project and defence-security. A SpeciVault can be divided into two or more such uses with one subvault always being the coresubvault if there are 0, 1 or more such divisions.

Three AuxiVaults.

Multiple miscellaneous purposes. Spare space!


RimVault: area between inner hull wall the outer hull wall.

TwixtVault: areas between primevaults and between primevaults and inner hull wall.


Each semivault is the size of a primevault and has 13 subvaults.

Each demivault is the size of a subvault.


13 multiple purpose semivaults linked more directly, at nearer distance, to the main vault through special outreach structures.


13 multiple purpose demivaults linked less directly, at greater distance, to the main vault through special purpose tunnels-conduits.


Other possible structures, features are such as support walls, ramparts, vents, buffers, insulation layers, transit tunnels, water canal tunnels, utilised glowcaverns, utilised cave-systems, multiple cable conduits, smaller than demivault outposts and etc.


PC: This is only a standard template though mostly followed fully in an official sense.


Semiofficial: covert or officially secret structures such as extra tunnels, subvaults, semivaults, demivaults and so forth. Often meant for emergency escape purposes and-or covert ops. 


Mistakes, misplanned, unofficial additional placements etc such as odd tunnels, slanting chambers, rampways leading to nowhere, doors leading to nowhere, chambers with out any doors, exotic unexplained additions, unmapped storerooms full of unsorted items, elevators to ... etc.


Ghostvaults: beyond official or even semiofficial; ghostvaults are whispered of structures be they primevaults, semivaults, demivaults or even just subvaults. Deeper than covert ops being ghost ops.


Ghost whispers; things inexplicable, strange and often disturbing.

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1.3.1[4] Catherine Had a Vision


The official mother of the JQuintuplets, unofficial mother of the younger SQuadruplets and maker of the 3Elementals or ETriplets, Catherine was surprisingly health, fit and strong. Yet she had paid a price for keeping a pledge that had seen the saving of a secret vault and multiple lives. A gift in return was her enhanced mindeye visioning capacity, a gift that she did not always find comforting.


Catherine, a mature but beautiful sameness to her redhead daughters, sat up in her semicomfortable standard vault bed. She spoke to Jasmine, who sat next to her bed while holding her hand in the dimly lit bedroom. "Some very old scientific madness exists in this vault but also a far more ancient, more dangerous, secret. The five men are not the real men and what they have is not real; all must be totally destroyed."


Jasmine nodded. "The real security officer, and guards, were busily harassing innocent citizens at the time the fake ones appeared to attempt to kill the PestRegulator team. The Science Department took the bodies, their gear, and had them disintegrated at once though officially the things dissed never existed, the incident never took place."


Amata, who sat next to Jasmine, spoke. "Father (PrimeOverseer Alphonse Almodovar) is all agitated and told me to tell you the following in strict confidence. He admitted to me that the reason that the PestExterminators have not been assisting the PestRegulators is that they have been having troubles in the Red Zone dealing with exotic threats there. The old petty corrupt, inept, PestExterminators have been replaced by VaultGuard trained professionals led by former VaultGuardia officers. Apart from the VaultGuard Centre, the VaultGuards work in three squad13s with back up specialists and the outside auxiliaries when needed. They have been losing the fight and they need special assistance from the PestRegulators."


Catherine sighed. "Not just unnatural, as in synthetic leather or machines, but antinatural as antagonistic to nature. That is why animals, babies and the psychically gifted are so troubled by them, along with a few others. Back in the ASMM (Age of Scientific Miracles and Madness) there was created a large scale, ultrasecret, research-development program of projects. It was known as the ZeroPower Program though it also had many cover names. It promised endless power for nothing, a lie in itself, but later also endless goods for almost nothing. There were also other foolish promises. James, and I, only know the basics but enough to know it was an incredibly stupid, evil and short sighted set of acts and it was also caused by one powerful exotic, outdimensional, entity and its followers-minions."


Catherine: "At least a large minority of those followers were the 'Greys'. That is the Greyyari, though not their enslaved minions such as the greyvari." (See Note-2)


She frowned softly. "One factor that we do know is that the Greyyari were heavily linked with what are known as Zerotech (Zero Technologies) that the foolish Zero Power Program-Projects was also linked to."


Suzanne entered the chamber with a flicker of speed, ending up sitting on the other side of the bed from Jasmine and Amata, her sister and honorary sister. Soon she was holding Catherine's other hand. She looked oddly youthful, almost petitely muscular, and was hairless. She wore a black, not highly modest, skinsuit that could change in various ways.


Catherine said. "Hello, sweetie! You have been very busy today. You, and your sisters, need to be very careful. Where are the other secret sweeties?"


Suzanne smiled. "They are with dad #2! They are sneakily trying to find out what he is getting for our birthdays."


She meant Shadowdad (MrShadow) and not James who to them was dad #1 though they called him 'dad' when they were with him as they did with their first and third dads.


Jasmine sighed dramatically. "Poor old dad #2!"


Suzanne smiled cheekily at Jasmine but then she frowned as she turned back to look at Catherine. "We went looking again into the Red Zone. We don't think the PestExterminators should go there any more. No, the Red Zone must be sealed up totally, that is the sealing up operation must be hastened. We saw something very terrible there that one of us will speak of in a meeting of a select few individuals."


The Red Zone officially did not exist for it had never been on the official 3Dmaps or in the official databanks, not even the restricted ones. Instead it was a ghostvault that was fixed to the outer hull, of the vault proper, like a metallic parasitic entity of a bloated semivault.


Catherine sighed. "At the same meeting I will fully explain my vision."


Amata spoke gravely. "I suspect that there will be much useful information to be exchanged and hopefully at least some of it will be of a positive nature."

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Note: Some history of the Greyyari and the Zetans


Catherine meant the brutal Greynari, the savage Greytari and a few smaller castes also of insidiously twisted nature. The xenophobic zetans, and their own yetan minions, were enslaved by the Greyyari before even those tough, though otherwise limited, creatures rebels and fled; they did this despite that the Greyyari killed over a third of them. The zetans destroyed five Greyyari masterships but they had the assistance of an alliance off unknown offworlders to finally allow them to escape. The great battle, that followed the surprise intervention, resulted in the devastation of over half of the Greyyari and the rescue of millions of their enslaved minions. None seemed to know where the account came from but suspected it had many sources.

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Note: The Anderson Family of TechVault101


Catherine, mother

James, father

Shadowdad as a father to the SQuadruplets (honorary father to all siblings)

Elliskin a father to the ETriplets (honorary father to all siblings)



Emmelia of life elementalism

Ennetta of solar elementalism

Eshinae of phase elementalism


The JQuintuplets







The SQuadruplets






Honorary siblings









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1.4.1[5]: ETriplets Get Involved With Some Explorers-Assessors 


Generally arid, except for some exceptions including some exceptional exceptions, the techvault was more so in some areas such as the twixtvault and rimvault areas. The RedZone101 went way beyond that but not just in obvious ways; there was a subtle wrongness that grew, in intensity, the further one got from the three heavily secured powerdoors that linked it with AuxiVault101C directly. All other discovered doors had been sealed up along with most found vents. Trouble was that AuxiVault101C 3Dmaps, and other data, was far from being totally reliable and the primevault had some odd, unique, features to it that were not officially mapped. That is not originally!


Frank Hardly, a brown man with hard personality, was not easily spooked but on that day he was examining the environment with extra care. As part of a mapping-salvage team, he was attempting to make his way through a difficult maze of hallways, smaller corridors, antechambers, alcoves and other spaces. The area was an intricate maze that he had not decided was no accident but was deliberately made that way to conceal things such as the ways between the auxivault proper and the RedZone. Worse still, there had been growing evidence that areas changed when the transformations were hidden. A large amount of people, including the Overseers, were of the same opinion.


Unthinkingly he had drawn out his 10mmCC pistol, modded to automatic fire, and looked around the hallway. It stretched a good way in both directions. His security type body-armour no longer felt adequate for the task of protection though the two protectrons, heavily armoured-armed humanoid tronbots, and the three submachinegun armed guards were of some comfort. After a team of three exploration assessment people vanished in the area, there had been a suspension of team expeditions and teams had been upgraded in size, security and in other ways. Problem was that there were now far fewer EA Teams at work.


He felt, sensed, a flicker of motion but it was one that he welcomed for he had long known the source, of the flicker, and liked them as much as he could like anybody. The three ETriplets suddenly stood there, each a softly shimmering skinsuit wearing young woman in appearance. The shimmering effect gave them increased modesty despite the tight skinsuits. Each was hairless with very pale eurowhite skin.


Emmelia, of the green shimmering and skinsuit, spoke. "Radroachers scurry fast in the area but they flee from something more dangerous that has escaped from the RedZone through a vent-duct. It is antinatural, a thing created by an evil process. We glimpsed it before it fled from us. It is a very distorted copy of dog now with eight limbs, looking like something barely like a mixture of dog, spider and octopus. Your bullets would have only slowed it down, do it a good deal of damage, but not stop it let alone destroy it. You need special UV-bullets, xolasers and inferno flamers. It fled back to the RedZone before we permanently sealed up the vent."


Frank sort of smiled. "A good story but undermined by the creature peeping around that corner."


Ennetta, identical to her triplet siblings except that she shimmered yellow and wore a yellow skinsuit, spoke. "So we did not quite get around to sending Thingipus back to the RedZone, instead utilising combined elemental energies to make the lovely one natural. It was an intricate, slightly difficult, process but well worth saving Thingipus. As a bonus we gained valuable data. There are lots of antinatural things in the RedZone that are unintentionally harmful to the living but, unfortunately, also true monsters that are in all ways antagonistic to life."


Ennetta: "Radroachers infest parts of the RedZone, along with some other very dangerous radcritters, but they stay away from the areas where the antinatural entities exist. There is are extremely dangerous subvaults where even less dangerous zerolife entities, and radcritters, will not willingly go near. We found the three EA men who went missing, being your brother and two friends, or at least what has become of them."


Frank looked grim. "Something tells me I will not like what that means but it is better to know, to put closure on the suffering of family, friends and comrades. Where are they?"


Eshinae spoke, as she shimmered blue in her blue skinsuit. "Follow us, the 13 of you."


So the nine humans, two special trained dogs and two robots did so. Thingipus caught up with the ETriplets and scurried happily along with them on his eight legs while Eshinae held the tip of one of his three tentacles as one might hold a hand.


The other humans were generally wary of Thingipus but not aggressive as one had to be broad minded to survive in their line of work.

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