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New Way 2 Fast Travel

fast travel

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There are lots of mods that aid in fast travel in survival mode; some allow it and others, like journey, require settlement perks to allow fast travel between settlements that have established supply lines.  I think the later is a great idea and the former a little cheaty.


What I am requesting is a new type of fast travel mod that allows fast travel at a cost of a crafted consumable; if I want to fast travel I would need to craft an item then click a map marker to travel which would use up the crafted fast travel item.  I think this would be more balanced that simply allowing fast travel with a FO4SE change.  The item could require an ingredient that is hard to come by or can only be crafted every so often, say every 2 days or every 3,5 or 7 days.


I'm not sure if people would be interested in this as there are many mods that already allow fast travel in survival, but as an immersion tool it could be quite interesting.


Please leave a comment if you either like or dislike this idea, or don't.



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