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NMM False Updates

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Hello I've had this issue happen to me twice now. When I open NMM it shows me a message saying that it requires an update and tell me to hit "yes" if I want to update NMM and let the Mod Manager try to re-install all my current mods, says hit "No" for NMM to update but not try to reinstall my mods but lets me re-install manually, and "Cancel" if I choose not to update. The first time it showed up I had only 8 small mods so thought that this update wouldn't take anytime at all. I hit yes to allow NMM update and to re-install my current mods but after 30min of loading it got stuck trying to re-install my first mod so I closed it via the Task Manager. I wasn't really upset the first time since I had 8 mods but it just now recently showed up with the same message I hit yes and let it try to do its thing and yet again got stuck. But now i have 80+ mods uninstalled and I don't really want to go through this again. Also when I hit update NMM it says I am up to date so why is it doing this in the first place? And this is on Skyrim Special Edition I haven't tried old Skyrim because I don't want the same issue to happen again because on Oldrim I have over 250+ mods and re-installation would take a couple of hours. Anyone else having this problem??

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