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I Need Changes in Archery Levelling.

levelling short quick little work with reward

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I need someone to make mod that will change combat leveling values (One-handed, Two-handed, Arechry (ESPECIALLY HIGH), Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Block.), so getting skill increase will be few times harder. 



I'm trying to mod Skyrim in as realistic way as possiible. There's one (and only one) mod that is a complete must-have here. I'm talking about "Combat Realism - Weapons Armor and Blocking". This mod makes whole game much more realistic since with it's changes most of weapons (especially bows and crossbows) are killing in one shot bothly NPC-s and player. 


I have like hundread combat mods installed now and game is really realistic and enjoyable now. There is one problem. The mod that I mentioned has one thing that makes game just... stupid. Every successfull strike advances the skill, most of hits that you get from enemies are increasing light/heavy armor, block. 


Since actual strike usually kills enemy or takes like 1/2 health - it's not that bad. The thing that needs real fix is archery. 


From what I understand - the problem lies in levelling mechanics of levelling. I need someone to make mod that will change leveling values, so getting skill increase will be few times harder. 




I'm not a modder but making thing like this doesn't look like a problem and my game modding from few months will be finally finished allowing me to make Combat Overhaul nexus page with listed mods (This mod will be listed too with special thanks to author (I'll make it in bold red on the very top of the description) - so you will get some kind of reward. ). 


Any help will be greatly appreciated! 

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