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Playing STBC in high resolution widescreen in Windows 10

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Hi, all!


I just thought I'd put this out there for anyone else who was looking to run Bridge Commander on a more current Windows 10 system. These are my current specs:


Intel Core i7-4790K



EVGA Geforce GTX 1050Ti :: 4GB :: Driver v388.13

Windows 10 Pro :: 64-bit :: v1709 :: build 16299.309

DirectX 12


While there are some out their on the Web saying they couldn't get it to work on Windows 10, I really didn't have an issue. I was able to install and run the stock game, no problem. I didn't even need to use compatibility settings.


The real challenge I faced was the complete lack of widescreen resolution options. And who wants to play a game with a stretched picture? :no:  Some people have said to merely edit "options.cfg", but that doesn't really work. The game won't even start in many cases, and in other cases where it did start, it would crash when you actually try to play the game. Doing a bit of research, I discovered a couple threads whereby some people had worked on that same issue (http://www.rage3d.co....php?t=33956814http://bckobayashima...t=2377&start=15). In those, I found some links to old FileFront forum threads, where I assume it had been figured out. The issue there was that those threads don't actually exist anymore as FileFront was shutdown, and no one had posted the entire instructions in the Rage3D and BCKobayashimaru threads, either. (BTW, many thanks to the good people of Nexus Mods for their work on archiving the Bridge Commander mod files from FileFront.)  Despite that though, practically all the information I needed was spread out in the threads and I was able to piece it together eventually. Once you get the game installed, try the steps below. FYI, it helps to have an editor like Notepad++.


1-Download and install the SDK [get it here]

2-Go to the STBC root install folder on your computer

3-Make a backup of your "scripts" folder (this is really only optional, but might be a good idea)

4-Go to scripts\Tactical\Interface and open "WeaponsDisplay.py", and add lines as seen below 


*The lines in yellow are what I added based upon the length of my monitor resolution

import App



640: 1,

800: 1,

1024: 2,

1280: 3,

1600: 3,

1920: 3



640: -7,

800: -7,

1024: -7,

1280: -7,

1600: -7,

1920: -7



640: 1,

800: 1,

1024: 2,

1280: 3,

1600: 3,

1920: 3



640: -8,

800: -8,

1024: -8,

1280: -8,

1600: -8,

1920: -8



5-Save the file, then rename or delete the old "WeaponsDisplay.pyc" file (the program will compile a new one)

6-Find "LCARS_640.py" in Build\scripts\Icons, copy it over to scripts\Icons, and open it

7-Edit lines 26 & 27

And lines 158 & 159
(Note: I am not exactly sure how the numbers on the left were determined, but I figured a simple equation based on the original numbers: (<left number>÷<right number>)*<desired width/height> and round up.)
POWER_GAUGE_WIDTH = 24.0 / 640.0 
POWER_GAUGE_HEIGHT = 84.0 / 480.0
POWER_GAUGE_WIDTH = 53.0 / 1920.0
POWER_GAUGE_HEIGHT = 125.0 / 1080.0
8-Save, and rename or delete "LCARS_640.pyc"
9-Finally, edit the display height and width in the "options.cfg" file in the root install folder.

10-Run the game, and (assuming it all went well) enjoy!  :thumbsup:  

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