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Heya, I wanted to talk about some ideas for mods, that maybe a nice guy, that can program, will make. I noticed, that there arent't so many of them for Mania. I's make those mods by myself, but I'm only 15-years old boy, that can't even make a calculator. So yeah, my first request, is the ability, to choose between acts in "Mania mode", it could be choosen, by one key, or something, it would be very useful, to play especially Mirage Saloon act 2, and don't tell, that it's possible with Time Attack, I want to keep super transformations and playing as Sonic AND Tails. My second idea is pretty easy, when you finish act 2, with a shield, or Combine Ring, and you get to the next zone, you lose it; it wouldn't frustrate me, if in Sonic 3&K, it kept your goodies after finishing, and the only things you lost, were rings. Oh, and if you, a reader, that doesn't know how to program, you can share your ideas too.

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