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(Request) Polyamory mod for ME2/ME3

request mod poly

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If you're familiar with Dragon Age: Origins, you may know of the polyamory/polygamey mods.


If not, they are essentially mods that enable multiple romances. The polyamory mod is more complex as it edits certain lines of dialogue in a given conversation, replacing the not-so-happy lines with something perhaps a bit more modest, and it does so using the characters' original dialogue from elsewhere in the game in order to provide a more immersive experience, among other things. Polygamey is much simpler, I believe it just removes jealousy triggers and enables the multiple romances but I don't know exactly how these mods work as I am no modder.


Anyways, I'm wondering if there are any mods like that for the mass effect series, and assuming not, if anyone is willing to perhaps make them?


I would really like to explore most of the romances without having to spend hundreds of hours replaying all three games a dozen times, and I believe this feeling is shared by many others as well. Were I to have the knowledge, I'd make the mod myself, unfortunately I do not :/.

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