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What are you going to do with multiplayer?

multiplayer skyrim together mods ideas what would you do vampires werewolves assassinations

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As many of you may know, there is a new multiplayer project in the works called 'Skyrim Together' - which seems very promising and stable.
While I am unsure of a release date for it, I just figured I would start a discussion around what the community would do with it when they get it?


To recap - Skyrim Together is aimed at supporting between 2-8 players in a synced gameworld. They don't need to have the same mods to play with eachother, and while it is encouraged to play together, it has been said that the mod when released will allow players to go to other areas in the world on their own etc.
Its basically the whole Skyrim world, for each player to individually or together, explore.

The Mod will officially support 2-8 players, but it has been said that the 8 is a soft limit, the system will actually unofficially allow as much as 64 players to play.


What Mods would you use in a multiplayer setting and how would you play with friends and strangers alike?



Vampires vs Werewolves - You may have seen that interesting Vampire war video on youtube where someone turned Dawnguard/Harkons battle into a cinematic experience. How about  4 werewolves vs 4 vampires.


Assassinations - You can follow and spy on other players, why not hide in the hedges and pick them off from a distance.

Ideas here for an Assassination mod - Get a contract on a player, go and kill/assassinate them, get cash.


Cross Server/Game Economy - Someone could write a mod that allows crafted gear or mined resources to be traded on a cross server / game market?




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To answer the threads title question.. I'll ignore it.


Also, any PvP would be a joke in a setting allowing unlimited mods.  Even console commands would make it ridiculous.




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I really don't see how that world work unless it was restricted to a basic game for all with no mods. Otherwise all the players would have to have the same mods to be able to interact and be playable. I don't see it happening. Besides, my experience at least with multiple followers is that if there is more than one or two, they generally get in the way and screw  up your play. Can you imagine 8 Dovahkiins vying for the number one slot? Sounds like chaos to me. Reminds me of another game from the 90s called Quake2 and most recently Call of Duty. What a disaster these were playing on line. Anybody who played them will remember the clusterfxck that turned out to be. Any time you have multiple players striving to be king of the hill, as it were, they end up slaughtering each other. Don't sound like fun to me. :down:  

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