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Mod Request for PS4: Ninja/Unarmed Fix

ps4 mod request

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I have been looking for a mod for PS4 that will "correct" the oversight that Ninja(perk) does not assign the higher damage bonus for unarmed weapons and attacks the way that it does for melee. Unarmed damage weapons being punch(no weapon), knuckles, boxing gloves, death claw gauntlets, power gauntlets, power gauntlets, and meat hook)

I don't understand why there is an unarmed neck breaking animation that is totally ninja, when the actual perk doesn't give the highest damage bonus of 10x at top rank.


I found several versions for the PC, but nothing for the ps4. Is anyone is willing to make one or knows of one? I found a few on ps4 that allow two handed melee weapons to have the highest damage bonus of Ninja and also allow Ninja to work with other sneak attack bonuses properly. I assume it is doable for the unarmed weapons also.


Please help! I tried posting on the PS4 mod pages with Bethesda but their Akismet spam filter wont even let me post in the forums. Not only is my game experience getting negative but my desire to buy from Bethesda is lower after sitting on their community page all day.


Thank you in advance.


I originally posted this in Mod Talk which may have been a mistake. I will ask a moderator to delete that one.

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