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Food and Recipe - Can not add another riquired item

food recipe creation kit

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i want to expand or change some food items by myself.
so i copied a Potion Object from the Game "FoodBeefCooked" an change the values.
next i copied the CObj "RecipeFoodBeefCooked" and i want the required item to be like - 1x FoodBeef, 1x SaltPile, 1x FoodCabbage.
But this want work :-( The third item is shown in the list default as "SaltPile" if i change this and click ok it switch back to "SaltPile".

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You are making one or more simple mistakes, but it is hard to tell what from  your description.

When saved your new food esp should have for items about foodbeefcooked.

2 Potions

FoodBeefcooked                           the original cooked beef

FoodBeefcookedDUPLICATED     Your cooked beef. it would be a good idea to have changed the name as well as the id.

2 Cobj

RecipeBeefcooked                         Original Recipe

RecipebeefcookedDuplicated         Your Recipe.



Your items  should have different ids to above. if you only have the origanals your are not saving and loading your esp  properly or are working on the orginals,


What is the full list of required item in your reciepe as there are only two in the original. if they are more you may have another mod as master. if this is and esp you may not have change the master/esp flag.


When does the item switch back to Saltpile.

After  "ok" and  recipe closes and you save and close the ck,  I do not know what would cause this.


In the game when you use the cookpot.

if this, is your esp loaded.

Do you have recipes for both old and new Beefstews. if only one. Either your esp is not loaded or you amended the orginal recipe and another mod is changing it back.


The quickest way solve this is to use TESEDITV first let it load the default list. If your mod does not show up, it has not been activated.


Does the entry for your mod contain


The original CookedBeef - Your changes should show up

Your Cooked Beef.



Your newbeef recipe.

The orginal beef recipie. - if this is there you made changes to theoriginal recipe. Does another mode overwite your changes.




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Yes, my English is a bit rusty, so some details will probably get lost.
That's exactly how I did it. Make a copy of the original and then adjust it. The originals should remain without question since otherwise there are probably problems with "iNeed".
First of all I changed only a single object together with its cObj to test it, I raised the values slightly and changed the name of Potion object.
I followed the same on recipe. Make a copy of the original as before. Then as the end result (created Object) my potion object was selected.
Two ingredients are original and I wanted to add a third.
Immediately after selecting the new ingredient - cabbage in this case. He shows cabbage then I click on ok and it changes again to salt pile
Yes, I have tested the whole thing in the game, despite the unaccepted ingredients. All my changes were taken over without problems - name which I had assignments and at the cooking place it is indicated and can be manufactured the whole also. Only with said two original ingredients and instead of the desired cabbage with an additional unit of salt from ingredient.
Yes, I have the original recipe and my copy. During the testing I hardly loaded any mods. only Skyui, Light Mods to test settings for my own player house, nothing that significantly changes the gameplay or items.
I would must have a look at TesEdit5 to see if I can handle it and find the mentioned entries in this form. I rarely used the tool only to clean "dirty entries".
I will also review the process to see if none of the above errors have occurred. Then I write what the result is - maybe I can create a video gif from this ingredients switch.




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