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The Dragon Slave (Slayers)

slayers dragon slave spell boom

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I just started with modding and wanted to add an immersive Dragon Slave version.

You know how people always just add a audio clip from the anime? I do not want to do that.


I was hoping I am not the only one who wants that and wanted to ask if anyone was interested in giving voice for a chant or wants to help overall, having much more experience than me and knowing stuff that I don't


What it should be in the end:
I want a Dragon Slave with tons of different voice options (So you find a fitting voice for whatever you decided to play. From the ange like heroine to the ratfaced mad mage!)

make the mod multi-lingual (because why not?)

I want it to look as similar as it can to the original, without feeling out of place

And I want to make a casting fitting casting animation.


Right now it is:

just an espm with a spell and me voicing over it

Is basicly a firebolt with a giant explosion

has no standart dual-chant animation



If you want to help you can send me a .wav of you chanting the spell (should be around very close to 21 secounds, not more. excluding the words "DRAGON SLAVE", which play on "ready" and "release", unlike the chant itself)


Of course you can also do the animation of the spell, since I have not gotten into animating, that would speed up the process to the final spell

and the same goes for charackter animation.




For people wanting to voice, here is the chant:
English version:

Darkness beyond twilight,

Crimson beyond blood that flows.

Burried in the stream of time is where your powers grow.

I pledge myself to conquer, all the foes who stand, before the gift bestowed in my unworthy hand

Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and i posses,



You can also easily find a version of the original eng dub on YouTube, if you need reference.


.wav would be appreciated and please call it "DragonSlave[name].wav".

The name can be any name as long as it gives away the gender, so it does not have to be your name. It is easier to navigate through the voices if you have a name to link it to.


I think... that's everything for now.

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