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Pints and Quarts CTD

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I am getting a CTD everytime I enter the area Sunken Ruin, accessible by talking to Hawk the Slayer in the tavern.  Looking at the .log file (not sure if its useful or not) I see this is the last entry every time I try to load into that area,


Script    ***
Script    GetClassDataFloat:BaseManaStamina nClass 25-> 50.000000
Script    GetClassDataFloat:BaseHealth nClass 25-> 50.000000
Script    GetClassDataFloat:DamagePerLevel nClass 25-> 0.000000
Script    GetClassDataFloat:DamagePerLevel nClass 25-> 0.000000
Script    GetClassDataFloat:HealthPerLevel nClass 25-> 4.000000
Script    GetClassDataFloat:DepletableProgression nClass 25-> 5.000000
Script    *** Script [drops] :: Mob :: Evil Necromancer has no companions defined.
Script    ***


So I am not sure if the problem is with this creature or the next script or if I am even looking in the right area to sort out what is causing this.  Any insight would be helpful, Not sure how to export my mods list to post it here,  I have  a few but I am using Slinks RAVage and Dragon Age Mutator.


**Huzzah**  I was able to get the area to load by renaming my override folder so it is not sourced, I am thinking I can change it back after I play through this area without issue and playing with an invisible head or wrinkly Wynne temporarily is a small price to pay.


Is the log useful at all to me if I decide to troubleshoot this down?

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Can you offer a solution to this error online or a download link of your correction file?

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