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Hey all,


Before I get started, I would like to remind you all that I am what most would consider a novice at using Nexus Mods or the NMM in general.  I am familiar with the Steam Workshop but I would like to try and use the higher quality mods here.


That being said, I'm using my laptop to play Civilization VI and I just downloaded the NMM to install some cool Civ VI mods.  The NMM installed, booted up, and began the "Game Detection" phase but never recognized Civ VI so I can't even open the mod manager.


Is there an alternative way to install mods for Civ VI off the Nexus?  Am I missing a step to allow Civ VI to be recognized by the mod manager?  I see on the Nexus workshop that there are definitely mods available for Civ VI, I just don't know how to use them or what to do.


Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated! 


Attached image is the message I get when NMM can't find a game and tries to launch.



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I don't have the game , so I can't confirm this

but it seems like NMM doesn't work with this game

and since you are a novice with NMM , you should know that most of the games here don't directly work with NMM at all (I believe that less than 30 games here work with NMM , while there are almost 600 games on this site)


and looking at some of the mods on the Civ 6 Nexus , they do provide installation instructions for the mods , so all you have to do is install the mods as per the instructions , and launch the game as you would normally do (not through NMM)

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