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UI element showing Hawke's personality alignment

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I would like a mod that displays Hawke's personality alignment in a character screen, either as an element within an existing screen, or in a new screen.  Probably in a triangular alignment chart where each peak represents a different personality type (diplomatic, aggressive, sarcastic), and maybe also highlights which one is currently dominant.


Link to related reddit post.


I'm not sure if this falls under the category of 'not possible due to modding limitations' or not.  I know the personality values can be accessed via a debug command, and I assume modders have made UI changes when making alterations to spell trees, but this would be adding a completely new element which might not be doable.




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Could use the mirror to make him look quite different, if you've the Black Emporium. I changed my hair in trespasser or DAI and gave him some scars too.




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