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Can't load savegame after deleting some mods

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I have downloaded some mods like immersive armors, immersive citizens, Realtionship Dialog Overhaul etc... for skyrim special edition. After using the mods for a while I wanted to delete some of the mods. After I have deleted some mods, it wasn't able anymore to load my modded savegame, because my "savegame is damaged". Even if I  play skyrim with another pc, where the mods I have downloaded are not even downloaded on my other pc, my actual savegame still can't be loaded because of the same reason.


  • How can I deactivate my mods without losing my savegame?
  • Is it even possible?
  • Or should I even avoid mods to play skyrim without issues like that?





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what you should have done was to avoid removing mods from an active save file

this is never suggested , especially if you don't know what you are doing


now , the issues may be due to many things , like broken scripts or other options

you can try cleaning your save file (there are tools for save cleaning , you should be able to find them easily)

this could fix the issues , but it's not necessarily going to work


if it doesn't work , you should go back to a save file prior to installing these mods

or you could try reinstalling the mods , and seeing if the mod authors provide special uninstallation instructions on the mod pages (some mods require a specific process to safely remove , while other can't be safely removed)

whatever the case , you can still play with mods . but you should decide which mods you wish to use , test the build , and once you are satisfied with it just make a new save and don't touch your mods from that point

especially if you are still new , and not sure what you are doing , messing with the game too much will just break stuff (as you saw already)

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