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Is it possible to use NMM after installing some mods using in-game mod manager of Fallout 4? [PC]

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I cannot find any information related to this, sorry if such info already exists. The in-game mod manager is buggy and lacking in mod but I'm afraid I might mess the game up if I install new mods through nexus mod manager.

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I had that happening for a bit. My solution:
1. For this to work you'll need to temporarily set Fallout 4 to Windowed mode.
2. Open notepad so you can type up the list of mods that Fallout 4 is running.
3. With the list in hand, head to the nexus and find those mods. Install them through NMM as per normal.
4. Proceed to add other mods, then once you have all you want under that 256 limit (esl's don't count), sort those out through LOOT if possible, if all else fails, export your present order to a text file (keep in mind lines starting with a # will be ignored by the importer, so use that to help organize things per bethesda.net's load order guide). Once ordered, import your new order. NMM can tell you which mods need which loaded first (see the plugins tab), so do go through the list. NMM should have no issues with the import if all went well. If not, make needed fixes and try again. Do save your profile if all went well and enjoy the game.



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The game stores your load list in a text file already. It is called plugins.txt. It can be found at AppData\Local\Fallout4. This is the file the game reads to know what mods to load. 


CAUTION. If this file is trashed, your game is trashed. 


I mod Fallout 4 manually. I only use NMM for complex FOMOD mods like CBBE. Out of 192 esp mods I have installed only 3 were through NMM. 


The plugins.txt file does not care if you add the mod manually, use NMM, the in game install or a combination of all 3(plus any other mod organizer) . If it isn't on the plugins.txt file the mod will not load.



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