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Need Help With Animation imports

animation fallout 3

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So I want all of Fallout 3's animations in New vegas (I think they look a lot more realistic and better) so unzipped meshes and moved them over, everything works until I equip a weapon and run then it plays the new vegas animation, how could I fix this??



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The animations are based upon specific filenames linked in the texture files.  Without looking at the FO3 filenames, given what you say I'm betting the FO3 filenames are not the same as the FNV ones.


See the wiki article "How to fix hard-coded texture paths in NIF files" for the procedure to locate the texture file entry within NifSkope.  (The path needs to be "relative" instead of "absolute"/"hard-coded" in order to be found on various installation locations, which is what that article covers.)  But in short form the procedure is:
* Open the NIF file in NifSkope.
* Click on the part you want the texture for; it will highlight it in the Block list.
* Expand it and highlight BSShaderPPLightingProperty. Expand that.
* Highlight BSShaderTextureSet.
* In Block Details you will see textures (DDS files). Expand it.
* There you will see the paths to the textures used by that mesh.

No idea if you can simply rename FO3 animation files to replace the FNV names and have them work correctly, but that would be the minimum required.  You might want to look into the "Animation" and "conversion" sections of the  wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article.



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