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Using Dialogue to Exchange Items for Caps

creation kit fallout 4 dialogue npc scripts

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So I decided to remake my first mod and add some interesting features to it, including the ability to sell all of a type of drug in bulk to an NPC for caps (imagine De Luca in Vault 81, but instead of one Jet at a time, all of your Jet for a lump sum).


Thing is, I've built a quest up for it, set priority to zero (since I didn't imagine there was any progression required at this stage), and then wrote up a couple lines in the ending dialogue line for the NPC (additem caps, removeitem jet).


The dialogue works, but when I try to sell drugs to him, the dialogue displays, but the code doesn't run i.e the jet stays and no caps are added.


I've attempted to run other code snippets and have also rewritten everything in comparison to other scripts of similar caliber, like fetch quests and the De Luca jet script... no dice.


Anybody got any ideas what I could be missing here?




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You didn't set up Property references?



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