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Weapons & Armour Compilation

guns fallout armour pack compilation mod request iv

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For sharing your time and the Force, grateful am I. ð

IDEA: Compiling a pack of weapons and armor of say the top ###, of any given yearor biannually, would be a wonderful idea, think do I.ð

SUGGESTIONS: The authors/nexus could even make an event of it where members can vote on which weapons and armor to add. Furthermore, they could set up things such as votes from members who have donated money are worth more, for that poll.ð¤

COMMENTS: Recently an issue has arisen in my playing fallout 4, that issue is there are more mods that I want on my Load Order than FallOut 4 allows.ð¤¬

Typically the mods that get installed are weapons and armor. The reason this is an issue, is because an array of weapon choices is preferred but me.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, equiping residents and traders of my settlements with better equipment, is a playstyle of mine. Having more interesting and better equipment through modding is great, but doing 100 people in Nano Armours is a bit surreal.ð¤ª

How difficult this idea is to arrange and accomplish is unknown to me. Yet, nothing ventured is nothing gained.ð



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are you asking for a compilation of some of the top mods on this site?

because if that is the case , it is almost never going to happen

there are only two ways it could be done . the first is to get permissions from all of these mod authors , and actually make one mod out of it (and that's probably never going to happen)

the other option is to merge a bunch of plugins together , and have it still require all the original mods , but without using their plugins (so you don't actually post any of the contents of the mod) . this will also require permissions for using the plugins , but it's far more likely to happen


however , the whole point is that you can simply make your own merge of plugins for your own game , and not try to make such a request (and considering how many people will wish to see different mods in such a pack , no one will actually ever make such a thing , as it would require dozens of versions at the very least)

so just go and merge plugins yourself , and ditch any idea of mod packs , as these just won't happen

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