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Mod that hides weapon damage?

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So a little while ago I read an article on an old JRPG that talked about immersion in modern games (or lack thereof), and I haven't been able to stop thinking about how well I think this idea would work with Skyrim. The article talked about how the JRPG did absolutely nothing to communicate how much damage a weapon would do or any other stats about it, only giving you the name, type, and weight of the weapon. In order to find out which weapon works best for them, a player would have to use the weapon and go off of feel and experience rather than say "well this sword does 14 points of damage and this one does 15, so I'll use the one that does 15." It makes the player think a lot more about weapons beyond comparing numbers.


I'm a huge fan of immersion and making the game world of Skyrim seem as realistic as possible, and I would love to have a mod that does this. I think it would make weapons feel more special and like they're more than numbers, and I think it would even work well with simplifying enchantments, saying "Inflicts moderate frost damage" or something rather than saying "Does 15 points of frost damage".


I would make this mod myself and I may have to, but I have zero experience actually making mods myself and I don't even know where to begin with this (can I do it in creation kit, or is this more a job for SKSE?), so even guidance on where to start would be really appreciated!

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