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NMM 0.65.2 rewriting Fallout 4 custom ini file

bug glitch ini

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Since my Nexus Mod Manager did a force update to 0.65.2 and uninstalled all my 347 mods (249 plugins), every time I try to activate a new mod NMM rewrites my Fallout custom. ini so when I activate another mod after it I get this warning box "Your Fallout4Custom.ini is not configured correctly. Nexus Mod Manager was unable to make the necessary changes automatically. Please refer to the documentation located at https.//wki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout 4 Mod Installation#How to Enable Fallout 4 Mods"


This is what NMM is rewriting my Fallout4custom.ini to


iLocation X=0

iLocation Y=0





Also in my games/fallout4 folder there is now a Fallout4Custom.nmm_backup file that I can't open. Never seen this happen before and can't find settings to turn this automatic back up off.


The prior version NMM was working fine until this force update, I had no choice what so ever. only a box saying NMM had updated and would I like to reinstall my mods. I said yes and NMM crashed.


Before someone tells me to move on to Vortex, I've tried it when NMM crashed and don't like the interface.

What I would like is the last couple NMM versions that support Fallout 4 to be posted for download on the official site. Yes, I know NMM is no longer supported and I use it at my own risk. I would like to have the option to use the older versions at my own risk if 0.65.2 can't be fixed,






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I've had the same issue. Just delete Fallout4Custom.nmm_backup completely. I also don't know why NMM is doing that :l

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