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LW Rebalance Feedback and Suggestions

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In response to post #108869173.


Try using keyboard left and right click, it goes up by 10.

Thanks for the tip about research.




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Just finished the final mission, it's a PITA even on Easy. Good job! Great mod, had a blast, thanks man.

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In response to post #108869173. #108956823 is also a reply to the same post.


I second that notion, Foundry stuff gets done way too quickly. I'd say multiply these times by 2 or even 3.
Then again, I had a crapton of engineers and workshops, dunno if that matters.

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In response to post #105505408. #105605708, #108437158 are all replies on the same post.


Probably can't be done without rewriting the engine lol.
How about not counting hunkered down units as a spotter? It'd make sense, actually.

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In response to post #105505408. #105605708, #108437158, #109326053 are all replies on the same post.


Hunkered down units don't count as spotters. ;)

But Rovlad84 is correct.  Redoing AI is quite tricky in this game.



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In response to post #109325638.


Glad you enjoyed man.  =D  

Love hearing that people played through the entire game and didn't get bogged down even on Easy.  Was one of my goal for modifying LW 1.0.  =D




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Hey Ucross, would you be able to re add XCOM mind control, but make it work similar to Command? So it immediately grants the target 2 AP, but it only lasts until the end of XCOM's turn(or until it runs out of AP). This should prevent its abusive nature of both providing a disposable tank and messing with the AI pathfinding.

Great mod btw!

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Unfortunately it's been repurposed =P  So I mean yes, it's possible, but not likely to happen :)




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Hey Ucross,
thanks for the very great Mod :-)

Is it possible to install any function form minimodmenu?
Improved Enemy Icons (OW/suppression/leader indicators)
Kill Counter




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It has been a long time since I last played LWR, and a lot of things have changed.
Admittedly, it is hard to remember exactly what is different from Vanilla, LW, and Earlier versions of LWR.
Also, there isn't a nice list of "All the changes" on the Nexus description page, so I will probably miss something.
Overwatch is now linked to what you can see. Also, Thinmen and seekers are essentially immune.
Having an intrinsic counter to enemy overwatch of holding a reserve, in addition to snapshot, smoke and mirrors, and a number of others does make counterplay interesting. Past that, having it spelled out how it interacts with cover is great. It doesn't tell you about staggering damage however, had to use the wiki for that.
Also, I am a bit unclear on exactly which intrinsic actions are immune, and why sometimes tags about enemies being too fast popup. Reloading and steadying are always safe, overwatch and moving are sometimes safe, firing, grenades are never safe. I think. It is unclear, and overwatch is lethal enough I can't exactly risk it.
-Stun and maim.
Having to make an actual decision, with serious restrictions whether you want to try and stun aliens, or have full combat potential is a good change.
The addition of Maim is probably the best thing that has happened to the stunning mechanics since the first time a electrostun gangbang failed utterly and resulted in xcom casualties.
The research requirement is interesting, and certainly makes the alien base defense less stressful, if nothing else.
I don't even remember what poison did in Vanilla. Acid was always really annoying, because it either pinned you, or you took a dot and had a large debuff. Also I think it cut DR in some way as well.
Corrosion is an excelent replacement, and actually feels fair, without being a Fork attack. Aside from some equipment, perks, etc giving partial resistance, and medkits still removing, it isn't infuriating to function under it. Debuffs are reasonably strong, but you can still fight, and lack of panic checks makes it less painful. The armor corrosion is the most interesting part. It is pretty much built around burning away high armor values, Shivs and Mecs especially. Overall, I find it a much better mechanic than the predisessors.
Oh, and Aliens have armor now too, so it works for you as well.
This is a bit complicated, but as a replacement for Neural feedback I like it. My guess is that it effects "end in Idle" only because it would otherwise interupt. The low probability and crit makes it pretty unreliable. Smoke immunity feels like a bonus, and I think the armor-only thing doesn't prevent a crit from being lethal. Not sure I like it, but as a passive semi-reactive attack is is at least interesting. It gets stronger later in the game, so will likely become a larger influence in battles eventually. It hasn't been particularly notable as of yet.
Also, the "CC active" tag took me a while to figure out, because in video games, CC means crowd control. Also, What does CounterCharge mean?
-Gunner guns. Also Drum mags. 
lush is available a lot more, and knowing it has a 50% chance to force a move makes it less of a "I have no idea how it works"
Supression's cooldown makes Bullet Wizard less effective, and the -20 aim means I don't use LMG, though I can imagine ways to use it. Certainly the full 200% damage could make it worthwhile if used correctly. Suppression damage being 30% was hidden in the wiki, and I think it hits twice with Mayhem, once now, once later? Also, Pinning enemies in cover, or getting a free, Possibly 100% accurate shot (or two) vs fliers makes Gunner ideal for anti-air duties, and also stopping thinmen from spitting/ignoring overwatch.
A lot more normalized. It stacks, it has a good description, and buff description. It isn't excessively powerful, but ensures that shooting eventually overcomes anything. Love how you get it as a grenade immediately, even if it isn't the most useful early game. Also Grenade Tinker for the scout is great for general debuffing enemies.
-Damage Reduction.
Aside from Cover being Defence and DR, having it be well displayed how much DR and %DR you or a target has helps a lot. I believe damage has a minimum of 1, so chip damage is always a thing. (and making maim a powerful anti-mech weapon) %DR seems to be cover and perk based, while flat DR is from items and Research. Mostly. Also I think Flat DR, but not %DR degrades proportional to your HP/MaxHP?
Heat being replaced by Penetration in general, and having multiple options for penetration, including the standard Steady Weapon is excelent. 
-Steady Weapon.
Now gives Penetration, so it is very much a case of +Aim, +Crit, +Damage, if you spend your turn preparing. Way better than the old LW +20 aim (I think)
Much like overwatch, no using it without a target, though unlike Overwatch, seems to not be linked to a target.
Also, combat readiness as a lesser, always available version is nice.
I can, and to an excessive extent have experimented via Respec in a single game. I try to keep all of my soldiers of a specific class identicle, because 8 roles covers everything I honestly need, Shivs are fatigue sponges. Mecs are more tanky but have a role overlap. Gene mods are stat boosts. Psionics and Officers are mostly for low-action builds to make up for it.
Anyway, being able to, for Fatigue only, change all your snipers from mayhem to doubletap once you descide that Mayhem overwatch isn't as useful as two shots with ammo constraints is a great feeling. Also made me willing to try out overwatch medics and support scouts. And Grenade rocketeers for excessive explosive power.
Shame you can't respec psionics or officers, but that is probably a constraint of the game engine.
-Alien Trophy.
Now gives +10% XP. I already used it occationally to block panic spirals, but the +10% XP makes it a really nice Rookie Item.
-OTS XP, Retirement, and Fatigue spiral.
No longer linked to character level. a passive experience generator is really nice. The retirement mechanic seemed weird until I learned about the per-mission fatigue penalty. I suppose the idea is that once someone went on some number of missions, the fatigue from chronic injuries, accelerated aging, and other compleications adds up, and retirement is reasonable, and having them accelerate the training of new recruits instead. I suppose having soldiers retire rather than splatter makes the war feel somewhat less grim, and also puts a soft limit on how long your elite soldiers remain effective. Lots of RnR helps, but they do age.
At least the retirement bonus is based on missions, rather than level.
Fatigue is based on mission length, replacing greenfog. Actually, I suppose green fog is what causes those health complications.
You can send people with fatigue on missions, so the sudden 3 back-to-back missions isn't quite as disasterous. The penatly isn't that bad, but losing an action, or worse, a full turn hurts, so sending people who are too fatigued may be a mistake. I believe the new fatigue is added onto the old, but it never seems to cap out, so I am unsure if they ever become injured, or if the fatigue just gets to the point that it becomes foolish to send them. Also, meld injections can bring someone into low fatigue. -80% is honestly plenty.
Not entirely sure how these work, but seems to be that if your dudes die(Or is downed?), sometime your soldiers go all hulk and get stat bonus, overwatch immunity, and sometimes act on their own. Which, while not making up for the loss, certainly is a helpful, if unreliable safety net. Smoothing out the death spirals is a very much needed addition.
-Incursion Strength
Another smoothing out the death spiral option. Do poorly, and aliens send less per mission. Do well, and it goes up. Also piss them off with specific campaign progress, also goes up. Is Bounded between +-20%, so nothing excesssive.
-Scamper, Off guard
Opening pods isn't as bad anymore. Xcom can scamper, so you don't have to move forward into cover constantly. Also, I think that extra pods sometimes fail to scamper, or sometimes have zero ammo if you are already engaged with another pod. Gives you an extra turn or two to say "Oh Crap" and run the hell away and abandon the mission, or, more likely, start spending all your explosives to clear out the first before the second gets ready to engage.
-Scout Report.
Scouts being able to detect enemies, seemingly quantity and name after each move is quite useful. Everyone can see direction, but details helps a lot in pod engagement. Minor, but welcome.
-The other Scout Report.
On crashed ships, you get an unreliable report that tells you what is there. Not sure if detail depends on research or what, and not sure if it tells you exactly with wrong words, or if some can indicate multiple options. Either way, very welcome. Seekers mean I can grab Sensors and Resperators and negate their strength, while robots mean engineers with arc-rifles, and so on. Presumably Hyperwave, once I get it up obsoletes this.
-Crashed Ships.
Seems aliens take damage when crashed. Makes sense, not sure if this was true before, but a nice touch. Makes crashed ships much more in Xcom's favor, as they should be.
Some defensive perks turn hits into grazes, for half damage. Seems like Flush and Suppression reaction should inflict grazes. Also, Combat readiness gives a 10% graze defence? Does this reduce penetration too?
I love how you can send multiple planes out. I also love how local airforce reinforce you sometimes. Shame it seems impossible (at least on NSLW) to get enough kills for a third plane, and given how weight of numbers work, I suspect I will struggle to deal with later airgame. Should probably get some kind of passive bonus to eventually let you always get 3+ planes.
-Chrysalid Corrosion aura.
They just have to get in range now with a doublemove to corrode. Also they ignore all DR? Nasty, and makes them quite scary again. Not that they ever entirely stopped, but still, no more lightning reflexes, but also no more need for them given offscreen attack. Why do their attacks have corrosion still too?
-%Free action.
Extra conditioning, and a number of other perks give some free actions some of the time. Not sure how they stack, but getting occational bonus actions is pretty awesome, if unreliable.
-Medikit and Repair.
I love how Medikit and repair are now "50%, up to cap" meaning taking damage isn't easily reversable. I mean, it never was, but now topping off isn't easy, or economical anymore either. Much like Repair servos, and regeneration, it has severe limitations. Avoid damage, rather than recover.
-Tactical UI
I LOVE the new Tactical UI elements. Shows essentially everything you need. That said, I need a cheatsheet to help me remember exactly what each color action bar means. Red is overwatch, but purple and yellow are a mystery, and I can't find them on the wiki. Also I can't figure out what kind of eye indicates overwatch. Also, distance calculation is really appreciatd.
-Second Salvage pass
You can, if you have the excessive funds required, send a second pass to collect more loot. Why this is so expensive, and why this allegedly professional organization doesn't careful look for every weapon fragment and shard of Valanite is beyond me. Still, you always need more components, so it is quite possible worthwhile to trade cash for components. You can certainly do it the other way around.
-Exalt Tank
Exalt have Shivs now. I suppose that lays to rest any idea that they weren't stealing from Xcom RnD. When will they get MECs or Psionics? heh.
-Sniper Spotter
The new spotter mechanic requireing 0 AP is weird. I assume it is to avoid some form of cheese. Presumably hunker prevents you from spoting. In most cases, to drop to 0 AP, it requires some kind of actual action that would trigger overwatch in some way.
There is a bug that occationally armor damage causes an injury, You are only supposed to get injuries if health damage is taken.
-Officer bug
I read something about officers being bugged, and eating multiple ranks in certain situations that you never get back.
-Exalt Wiki
The wiki has nothing on Exalt units. This was kinda nice, since I never saw the shiv coming.
-Tac Rigging
Why is tactical rigging so early now? It was awesome how, once you took down Muton elites, suddenly you could use a third item for each soldier. This early in the game, you might as well start with it.
-Abduction fork
Why is it two abductions instead of one now? I always hated having to make a choice when you had 3 full teams ready, why add it back in?
-Death perks
Shows up in the wiki as perks. I guess if you are downed and are recovered you get one at random?
-Drone orbital death lance
What is this? Wiki is unclear, and it hasn't occurred yet.
-Arc Sniper
Not sure what is going on with the Arc Sniper Rifle. I think It provides Squadsight to engineers, but only during outfitting, not during mission. Also it highlights enemies you cannot reach. I think this is a UI limitation, because it has extended range but no actual squadsight.
-Respirator Implant.
The +2(1.3) mobility doesn't seem to be consistantly added. I get varying amounts between none and 1.3.
-Capture interface
Knowing what aliens you can capture, have captured, and have researched in tactical would be useful. Wasted time trying to capture the first muton I saw because I didn't realize you had to research them first. Also, I can never remember which aliens I haven't manged to capture yet. Given the stun rifle shows "Unknown alien biology" or w.e. it was, Would it be feasible to, if you equip a stun-rifle, highlight enemies such that "Unknown" or "Robotic" are red, uncaptured and unresearched are green, and captured/researched are Yellow? Would make it more user friendly.

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