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Detailed Shadow Fight 2 Spell pack [REQUEST]

shadow fight spell package

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Hey everyone, tried to search but got nothing.

I was wondering if some of you could make shadow fight spells into skyrim. i'll give the description of useful skills and magics for details. you can watch the videos on the internet too.

1- Forbidden Spirit (Alteration) : The caster rubs the tip of his weapon(s) to ground and draws a circle, while doing this he sits and starts floating in the air, with weapon(s) floating around caster. (yes, while sitting.) While in air, the caster gains 10+ resistance to everything and a blue-visual shield. After and every 5 seconds, the caster sends lighting upon the enemy from air dealing shock damage. This continues until caster gets hit. When caster gets hit, ragdoll animation activates and spell ends. (I don't know about how costs magicka.) (This is from second boss, Hermit's special ability.)

2- Sudden Crawling (Destruction) : The caster spins his weapon(s) and suddenly appears in enemy's back and hits the enemy. (Widow's skill)


3- Butcher's might (Destruction) : The caster jumps twice as the normal height and hits the ground with 2 legs, causing an earthquake and damages nearby enemies. (Butcher's skill)



4- Monk's root (Alteration) : The caster focuses for 3 seconds and makes a pile of roots appear from below enemy's foot and causes stun for 5 seconds. Right after roots appears, the enemy takes a disease damage for 10 seconds.

5- Darkening implosion (Destruction) : The caster hits the ground and injects a fire. The fire follows the enemy and explodes when reaches. (Dark implosion magic)


6- Asteroid (Destruction) : The caster focuses about 4 seconds. After that, 1 small and then 1 huge asteroids comes from air to the enemy and blasts.

7- Wrath of flame (Alteration) : The caster floats not so far from ground and a shield made from fire covers the caster. Shield then turns fire damage and grows, damaging and staggering nearby targets.

8- Torturer's Rage (Destruction) : The caster jumps 4 times more than normal height and a circle saw comes from caster's above, goes directly and damages the enemies. (Master)

That's all folks. I really hope someone will make this happen. I wish you a good day.

Note : I tried to attach every spell's related pic but it said you cannot use that image extension so i deleted it. you can find those spells and skills videos from internet easily by searching "shadow fight 2 *spells name*"

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