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Looking for a mod that restores "Marked For Death" shout to its vanilla effect

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What I mean is, I'm looking for a mod that I will use WITH USP, but that reverses their annoying ""fix"" of its effect. I am quite aware that there is already a mod on Nexus that claims to do this, however if you read the description it seems that the genius author of that mod decided that he would actually NOT restore the vanilla effect, but instead would add a "recovery" effect without providing an a version that omits it. Absolutely primo, he didn't actually restore anything. I almost want to report the mod for having misleading name.

There is another mod I MAY try using that fixed the permanent debuff, but also increased the temporary debuff so as to make the shout actually useful; the megaminds behind the USP apparently failed to consider the fact that after their 'fix,' Marked for Death only applies a TEMPORARY 9% increase to damage received, which is negligible--I can do much more damage simply by using Slow Time.

In any case, I'm mostly posting to ask if there is a mod somewhere that I haven't found that already does what I want. It seems like an easy fix; I have never modded Skyrim or Fallout but I have tampered with other games in the past and I think I could figure it out... hopefully. But if such a mod already exists I obviously don't want to bother making my own.


I apologize if my tone is gruff--I'm more than slightly frustrated by the misleading mod name and by the number of ""fixes"" that turn the USP from a wholehearted bugfix patch into a self-righteous balancing patch that alters things that can't be unequivocally confirmed as unintentional, forcing me to waste my time searching for fixes to the things it broke.

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