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In a quandary about modifying tutorial loot (PTDE version)

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So I'm following a guide here: https://www.reddit.c...asses_with_the/ on changing starting classes. So far, so I'm past changing the characterizations and class names. Now comes the loot. Problem is, it seems there is a set number/amount of loot allowed for all possible classes total, and I can't figure out how to bypass those restrictions? What I'm talking about specifically:




Those are the default loot tables for the Northern Undead Asylum for all classes in the game. I'm using the Wulf Param editor since the GUI version on here crashes on me whenever I try to use it. Anyway it seems rather than have loot split up into separate categories for each class, it goes in order from up to down, and you have to follow it by the order laid out or else you'll mess it all up? And I confirmed it with the Excel sheet showing the ID numbers for these too:




And right there it even names what the items are. So it does indeed go down in order from top class to bottom class as listed on the character select screen before you begin the game.


Because you see, I'm sure some of you are aware, with some classes, they have a third item in their inventory, like the Hunter with bow and arrows, pyromancer with pyro flame, and a couple others. Usually you run to the hallway, go the corpse with your shield, run up to the hollow shooting bows at you, pick up your weapon, and either you move on or if you have a third piece for your character, another corpse will be by the side near the fog door to Asylum Demon.


With every class listed, there is one shield, one weapon, and for a few classes, one other item to loot for a third corpse. In the hunter's case, it's two, technically, the bow and the 30 arrows. So you have to work within those strict parameters where each line applies to a certain starting class. So... how do you get around this?


Here's what I wanted to do to test out: I wanted to make starting classes based loosely around the starting classes from Demon's Souls. Generally, they all had more starting gear than the Dark Souls 1 classes did. Usually, two weapons, a shield, sometimes arrows or bolts. So, here's the quandary, illustrated with one example: the first class at the top of the list of Dark Souls is the Warrior. He has a sword, a shield and that's it. The top-listed class in Demon's Souls is the Soldier, who has two weapons, a sword and spear, a shield and inexplicably some bolts to pick up but without a crossbow. So that's four items versus the Warrior's two. If I just add the two extra items below, those will be the items that the second listed class will get instead, and so forth! And the number of items that DeS characters in total start with exceeds DkS's characters, so when adding extra lines... how do I even DO that? I know pretty much nothing about how to do this. I mean, there's the part where you can add more than one item to a corpse, so, say, the first corpse you pick up BOTH your sword and spear off of it, but I cannot find instruction on how to do that, and that reddit guide above doesn't explain or consider that possibility at all, and is also a year old, the author apparently busy with other things.


I hope what I'm saying is making sense here, and someone knows a solution? It's just odd to me that this is organized this way, this makes things very unintuitive for modding starting characters with their own gear, set amount of gear and so on. Unless there is a simple solution, then throw it at me! I really want to get this done with and see how it turns out, or if it even works.

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