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Persistent Bloatfly Larvae/Maggot

bloatfly maggot persistent projectile larva longer

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I'm learning how to make mods and so far i was only able to edit mods made from other people using FO4EDIT.
So Bloatflies shoot maggot at you but they disappear very fast. Can someone help me create a mod that will make the parasites stay on you longer? There is already a skyrim mod that makes arrow stay longer on you surely it's not difficult to do.

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This should belong to the Mod discussion section. 

But anyway, you may need to learn how to use CK as FO4Edit is quite limited in this aspect.  You can also open up that arrow stays longer mod to see how they did it.  It may not be comparable, but it doesn't hurt to see how Skyrim's structuring such a thing.  Only adds to your experience.



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If you are going for NPCs, dont use FO4Edit. It may fucks up the engine ingame.There is data FO4edit cannot generate like the CK. FO4edit is great for everything else but not NPC/locations etc.


There are several possibilities to do that. One would be an explosion that spawns the cute little worm at the location hit. Or make it stick to the player. Which is impact decals.

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