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Crashes after start up

crash help load order missing skse64

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Upon clicking the Skyrim:se logo & pressing play, it crashes. I can't even get in game. I'm wondering what I'm missing? I have SKSE64 installed from what I know, but perhaps I did it wrong?

unofficial skyrim special edition patch.esp=1
cleaned up thieves guild.esp=1
Akaviri Ruins of Savirien-Chorak.esp=1
marriagemod - alpha v3.esp=1
planetary alignment.esp=1
airaniel's epona.esp=1
shc favourites replacer mod.esp=1
map - project hippie.esp=1
elven eternal shine armor.esp=1
KS Hairdo's.esp=1
Ty's Serana.esp=1
7Base Remodeled Armor - Replacer.esp=1
dracos hearthfire homes lakeview.esp=0
Assassins Sanctuary.esp=1
Custom Family Home.esp=1
naruto overhaul.esp=1
companions of skyrim.esp=1
the paarthurnax dilemma.esp=0
z1 gold vault worztide.esp=0
immersive citizens - ai overhaul.esp=1
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp=1

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Does it crash right after the Bethesda logo comes up? If so, you've probably got one or more mods conflicting and/or a mod (or more) reaching out for a master file or dependency and not finding it. Also, you should be starting your game from your SKSE64 shortcut.


Troubleshoot with the basics. (Here, I am presuming you are using NMM or another mod manager.) Disable all mods (don't un-install, just disable them) except for the DLCs and the Unofficial Patch. If you manually dropped the SKSE64 files into your directory, you'll have to remove them.


Try to start a new game. Still crashing? You might have a corrupted game. Verify your files through Steam. No crash? Put your SKSE64 files back into your data folder and try to re-load through the SKSE shortcut. Crash? You might have corrupted file(s) from your SKSE download. Get rid of them and re-download the files. Put them back in and try again.


Now re-enable 10 of your mods and any dependencies they need (rtfm!) Reload the save. No crash? Add another 10 mods and try again. Keep doing this until all mods are enabled again OR you crash. If you crash, you now know within 10 or less mods where your conflict is. Re-enable one mod at a time until you crash again. Now read that mod's description thoroughly! Chances are good you missed something that mod needs.




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Here are some things you should consider when you add more than a handful of mods:


1) Mod Conflicts. If your Skyrim crashes to the destop (CTD) the moment the loading screen appears, it is very likely you have a mod conflict. Add only one or two mods at a time (and test them) to avoid having to plow through dozens of mods trying to find the one that's causing your game to crash. Also, RTFM. Mod authors WILL tell you what other mods (and/or types of mods) that their mod conflicts with. But that doesn't do you any good if you don't read that info before installing. Sometimes a patch is available to prevent a ctd from happening (or to prevent the mod from conflicting in some other way, like overwriting some scenery and causing weird in-game effects like floating trees and Mammoths raining from the sky. (Yes, that happens.)


2) Overwrites. When NMM installs mods, it will often stop and ask you a question like: "Do you want this mod to install (whatever) over (whatever) that already exists due to (whatever)? with about eight different options. Again, many mod authors will tell you what options to choose when installing their mod. When those instructions are not present, I've found it is usually best to answer "Yes to all" or the equivalent answer offered.


3) Load Order. Load order is literally the order that the mods are loaded into your game. This is just as important as overwrites. A "poor" load order will cause lots of issues ranging from weird in-game effects to CTDs. You can manually alter your load order in the "Plug-In" tab of NMM, but there's a better way. Download LOOT and install it. Point it at your directory where your mods are and let LOOT sort them. Not only will LOOT give you a better load order, but it will warn you about mods that need "cleaning" of dirty edits in them. And you can do that with TES5Edit. (or SSEEDIT for SE.) It's quite simple to use. However, be warned that some mods have INTENTIONAL dirty edits. Cleaning those mods will likely break them. How to know? Simple, the mod author will warn you if his/her mod has deliberate dirty edits.


4 SKSE. SKSE is short for "SKyrim Script Extender." Many popular mods use really cool and helpful interfaces like MCM (Mod Control Menus.) These mods require SKSE to function. Download SKSE and watch Gopher's video (linked in the description at the SKSE site) for what SKSE does exactly and how to install it. Don't worry, Gopher explains it clearly and concisely.


Now here's an advanced guide for troubleshooting your game. Don't try to take it in all at once. Just read it a bit at a time and apply what seems appropriate to your issue(s). If any of this guide helps you, give Darstyler a kudo. It's his guide.

Here is a list of things you may do to stabilize your game :

/// Useful informations :

/// Load order / mods conflicts :

  • Use L.O.O.T once and click on the "sort plugins buttons".

  • Create a wryebash patch including leveled lists.

  • Create a merged patch with Tesedit excluding leveled lists

/// Settings / memory :

  • Have you installed the skse patch ? >> memory blocks log.

  • Backup your ini files and delete the files. Skyrim.ini / SkyrimCustom.ini / SkyrimPrefs.ini found in C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\My Games\Skyrim then use your vanilla launcher to autodetect and use best settings for your computer.

/// Cleaning and correcting potential bugs :

  • Clean your master files to eliminate potential problems.: Gopher's videos cleaning your masterfiles on the Nexus Tesedit page.
    Start Tes5edit, simply untick everything, (right-click/select none) and add only a tick to the esm/esp you want to check + update.esm, Tesedit knows what to do and will load all the dependencies automatically.
    - Begin with loading only Skyrim + update, ITM / UDR + save ctrl +s and close.
    - Then load Skyrim + update + Dawnguard, ITM / UDR + ctrl +s and close.
    - Then load Skyrim + update + Hearthfire, ITM / UDR + ctrl +s and close.
    - Then load Skyrim + update + Dragonborn, ITM / UDR + ctrl +s and close.

  • The method above can be used to clean mods. If I'm correct LOOT should tell you which plugin you should clean. You may load all your mods with Tes5edit and use the (right-click in the left pane) apply filter to show conflict losers. Wait till Tes5edit has finished. Caution : don't try to modify anything while using this filter, it's not intended for.

  • In the left pane, Expand the subsections and examine conflicts. Once an entry is expanded to the bottom and selected, the right pane shows which mods modify the entry. The last one on the right is the last loaded in your load order and the conflict winner.

  • Expand the following subsections, depending on where the problems occur. Cells for CTDs inside buildings, grottos, etc... and worldspace for exterior. The goal is to target mods that edit the same places and conflict. Open the bloc note and write those mods.

  • Once done, close Tes5edit and open each mod with Tesedit, one by one and use the UDR cleaning procedure (Gopher's videos cleaning your masterfiles on the Nexus Tesedit page) to ensure all the deleted references will be transformed in disabled references = no CTDs from this point.

  • If you suspect a mod in particular, using the conflict looser / winner method above, you can decide to change its load order or uninstall it.

/// Save game :

/// Meshes healer :

  • Read here, this is potentially a cause of CTD that you can resolve by following the mod procedure on this page.

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