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Captcha on Login

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A rather belated reply, but I'd much rather see this gone altogether: reCaptcha causes me so many problems and my heart just sinks as soon as I see the "select all street-signs" one pop up as I know I'll be in the never ending cycle of doing one after another, and it either failing or wanting more verification, and gets slower and slower and Google eventually blocks my (static) IP.  I know it's not just me (though I do have the additional disadvantage that there is no "absolute" answer a lot of the time, it's based on a consensus of how people tend to think; only I'm autistic, and kinda the definition is that I don't think the same way as most people) and it doesn't seem to be anything I'm blocking either since I can sign into Google services just fine, which miraculously makes the Captcha much less onerous: but I don't really want to do that every time for all sorts of reasons.  And given that I'm a lifetime member, I'd hope my blocking of this and that for security reasons isn't an issue anyway.


Although I agree that more security is generally good, Google isn't really the place to provide it: not just the frequently problems with reCaptcha itself, nor the privacy problems, but as a provider, Google is so indifferent to people having problems with its stuff that it can't even be bothered to shrug.



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I would suggest sticking to the 5 #/letter Captcha as it is easy to see and simple.

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