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HELP! I wanted the optimal enjoyable experience from playing SSE on my XBOX1 so I added some mods.

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This is my load order which keeps changing as so n so should be below such n such & so on-Unofficial SSE patch camping CBBE pure skin texture cutting room floor Sha standalone follower multi rings Recorder follower Quality world map Immersive citizens black mage armor SoE Follower pack1 kissing Toliath follower girly animation RDO AFT & finally extd character creation. Every follower is managed by AFT but I cannot have a conversation past follower commands. I cannot equip any city or night clothes because there arent any & if I equip bonus outfit they dont change back or revert to small clothes! In a dungeon after a battle my followers keep turning on each other & Recorder once killed my character & they keep turning on other NPCs! Just entering Riverwood Recorder attacked Astrea who then disappeared but turned up a week later back at the temple of Kynareth in her bonus outfit! I dismissed all followers & reset AFT but nothing has changed Im currently @ lvl 37 & do not want to start again but am sooo frustrated PLEASE HELP!!!



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please note that the support here is only for PC modding

the Nexus cannot host console mods , and as such discussing them isn't supported , especially not in these forums

I'm moving the thread to the Other Systems forums , where it belongs

if you want help with console modding , I suggest you ask for help over on Bethesda.net , where you got your mods

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