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CanisMajoris343 - BANNED

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CanisMajoris343 banned.


Violation of site regulations regarding file comments.
Abusive comments towards site staff via private message (quoted below).


Sent Today, 04:12 AM

You people are doing a great job making yourself look like an oversensitive ignoble and vacuous c***. Say hi to Elianora and JaneShepardN7 when you see them.

This is just the final nail to the coffin anyway, you can ban me whenever you want.

I'll just create a new account with a VPN, no big deal. You can't even tell who is whom.


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No trolling
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Do not flame or flame-bait others
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These moderators have a right to carry out their task without harassment, insult or hassle. Members who believe that a member of staff is not conducting themselves properly should get in contact with Robin via the forums or email. Know that if Robin receives word of any members harassing or being rude to Nexus site staff then he will take every action possible to permanently remove them from his sites.

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