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Shotguns using wrong reload animation

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Hey guys, I recently just started modding Fallout 4 and I've added in a nice bit of weapon mods, but all the shotguns like the Benelli M3 Super 90 seem to reload like hunting rifles or bolt actions! I've searched everywhere and I have no idea what could possibly be causing this. Sorry if this isn't formatted right or I'm leaving crucial info out, this is my first time ever posting on the Nexus. Thank you for your help!



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i believe it you load order mods work like overlays making the bottom mod prior to the one above it (thats why the main game esp stays at the top if it where at the botton the pc would load all the mods, but after overlay it with the main  game making the mods useless) i hope ive made it clear, well try organizing you load order like this ,gameplay effects and changes (vivid weathers, agony, better locational damage, darker nigths and the like),items overhalls (pipboy flashligth, combat elmet illumination, armorsmith extended etc), new items (guns armors scopes whatevs) models overhalls ( like weapons re-skins and or npcs changes like loving cait/piper mod and such like that),settlement addtions (like mods that add new items in the workshop mode like ocdecorator,small power armor station, craftable synths and etc) any mod fixes (pretty self explanatory)  world overhalls (like blinteriors,sanctuary bridge fix, no border, and etc)    and that should be it just tweak your load order with the high priority mods on the bottom of you load order.  

Tell me if it helped, and have a good day. 

P.S sorry about my english i did my best with what i know 




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Make sure you read the descriptions of the mods you use (I seem to recall the Benelli Shotgun having issues with the load animation, but that was on first release) and keep an eye out for patches you'll need to add for the right animation to work.  Some weapon mods don't have the right animation full-stop because the pump-action animation isn't in the base game and is rather difficult to make, apparently.


I also took the liberty to put your load order between spoiler tags :wink:

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