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Need some advanced help with how the game handles loading

endless loading fast travel ini tweaks

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So i recently installed fallout 4 again, and almost immediatly an issue from 2 years ago rears its ugly head... the imfamous endless load.  Its more tenacious then ever.  Every character i create becomes crippled within about 15 hours of play.  Cant fast travel.  Cant walk through doors.  Loading times are horrendous.  Ive tried with mods, and without.  Tried reinstalling the game.  Tried every ini tweak i know of.  Shadowboost, and enb helper tweaks.  All auto saving disabled.  Im starting to lose my freaking mind over this.


 So heres the topic it hand and the clincher.  I CAN TRAVEL ANYWHERE WITH THE CONSOLE IN A FRACTION OF THE LOAD TIME WITH NO ENDLESS LOAD!  So what the fing hell is the game doing different when traveling normally, that it doesnt do when you "coc location id" somewhere?







System Specs:

R5 1500

asus strix b350 mono

16gb 3200 mhz gskill trident rgb

evga gtx 1080

gaming drive is 2 pny 480gb in raid 0

os running on 500gb samsung evo m.2

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