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How to make custom item schematics

schematics tin can scrap metal workbench help

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I would like to create a mod that can transmogrify a few tin cans into a piece of scrap metal through a schematic in the workbench.  I've never fooled around with this kind of thing before though, and am having trouble finding a tutorial on how to do it.  I saw one on how to add modded weapon schematics, but since this is for an item (and ideally I only want one version of the schematic) I don't know if it would work for me.


I've never messed with scripting or anything before either, and that seems like something I'd have to fool around with while making this mod.  I have messed with form lists and stuff like that before, but only in as far as a tutorial told me to while making a different mod.  My experience with the GECK is mostly limited to creating unique weapons and armor using vanilla/DLC assets, not much more than that.  So any help or advice at all would be helpful to me with this.  And if what I'm trying to do won't work due to engine limitations or is too complicated for my tiny brain, any advice on what method would work for my mod would be greatly appreciated.




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Well this is the script that runs the work bench ... SchematicsWorkbenchScript

It is very long and tedious you'll notice if you look it up.


And in Fo3 , recipies are handled with notes ... just look under "Note"  then starts with "Schematic"

But basically all those do is tell you what you have to have in inventory before going to the work bench to run that script.  And also a stop gate for showing stuff you can make if you have the shcematic at all.  And then more to it for how many schematics you found , and how many made in some cases.


Ya the Fo3 version is pretty indepth compared to the FNV recipe interface .  They revamped it to make it easier to make custom recipes Geck side.


However ... that doesn't mean you couldn't run your own script to convert cans into scrap metal.

Just have some sort of activator run a script checking how many cans you have ... remove a few of them ... then give you a scrap metal.   If this sounds like something you want to do , let me know , and I'll line you out how to.   Or if you want it to work at the work bench ... then gona have to add to that script.


Add edit :  But also could just use an entry point perk of "Activate"  to give you a secondary choice for this when you hover mouse over work bench.

And imo probably your best choice to do it and use work benches.




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The alternative is to base it on CRAFT. If you want to do that you could look at a mod that uses schematics to make things. Dogmeat Leather Armor is one https://www.nexusmod...lout3/mods/4474. My own Ammo Schematics mod https://www.nexusmod...out3/mods/22214 just has one schematic per item. You'd just need to modify the scripts, messages etc.


CRAFT may be overkill for what you want to do, but it has compatibility benefits.

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