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Fallout Oblivion Wanderer

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The Wanderer began to sense, deeply, that there was something about it as a whole and all of its aspects that was not quite right. So it was that MissExplorer sat once again with FrancisDaHapplin. He smiled very warmly at her and then spoke. "Time to inform you of my true nature, or at least as far as I can do so, for one is of the Eldermost."


MissExplorer was somehow not surprised. "Why is there a fundamental feeling, inside the Wanderer, that something is basically amiss with the Wanderer. We are not as bound tight to one another as perhaps we should be."


As the two fake awoks sipped very milky tea, and took small bites of creamy cream buns with extra cream, FrancisDaHapplin smiled and scratched each of the small humanoids behind their nearest furry ear for they sat either side of him. "Go into the very depths beneath the DCGrandMall. Other aspects, of the Wanderer, need to go into the very depths of yourselves. Seek to gain more information from the SecretOsoEnemy, UncleLeo and the 13of13Nodics. As for yourself, MissExplorer, it is time for you to gain new resources and to follow the YellowBrickWay."


Then he went to sleep, as did the fake awoks, and it was apparent that there would be no more information given, from that Eldermost Avatar, for the moment.


Before she got to the exit, she noted a grey metallic cube that was identical to the one that JackOman had found in the speakeasy, below the diner, in the DCGM. It felt right for her to take it with her and so she did so. Yet first she went to meet with Doctor Helen Magnus, an attractive immortal woman who was on the LifeSanctuaries Leadership Council.


The attractive Helen Magnus spoke to MissExplorer with the two sitting opposite each other in comfortable armchairs in part of Helen's large, quite splendidly furnished, office. "The LifeSanctuary Network can not afford to be too mixed up with what ever is taking place in the DC. The hidden nature, of the LifeSanctuaries, is their best defence and security. Yet you have visited twice for no real stated reason."


MissExplorer nodded. "The one that I visited is here, in the DC linked LifeSanctuary, but is not part of the LifeSanctuary proper. His name is FrancisDaHapplin or at least that is the name the one has that dwells with various entities in a transdimensional display zone."


Helen frowned softly. "There is no FrancisDaHapplin in this, or any other, LifeSanctuary. Apart from yourself, the only outsiders to visit in the LifeSanctuaries, for over 200 years, is UncleLeo who brought with him many entities to the Houston linked LifeSanctuary. UncleLeo is welcome to the LSN but you are an unknown factor and it would be best if you staid away."


Which was when there was a sparkling, shimmering, and on a large round table were one golden flatcanister, three silvery ones and nine copperish ones. Then there was a grey cube. Apart from that there were one golden metallic rod, three silvery ones and nine copperish ones.


FrancisDaHapplin stood there, smiling, almost as if he had always been there. "Doctor Helen Magnus, as FrancisDaHapplin I am one of the mysterious Elders of the LifeSanctuaries; it is not my true name. On the table are gifts to the LifeSanctuaries. MissExplorer has free run of the LifeSanctuaries as do other aspects of the Wanderer. UncleLeo is also an aspect of the Wanderer and yet you welcome him. Beware of your deep assumptions and unquestioned biases."


Helen frowned softly but then bowed briefly from her waist. "As you will it, it will be! We thank you for the gifts though I expect their will be a price for there always is."


FrancisDaHapplin sighed. "That is true even for the Eldermost. Send some of your people, with MissExplorer, to find a way to the very start of the YellowBrickWay and then to go with her at least to the end of the first section."


Helen frowned harder. "The YellowBrickTunnel is the first section of the YellowBrickWay and is most dangerous. It is a very long time since any LifeSanctuarians have even gone a small distance into the YellowBrickTunnel. The last that went that way were Dorothy, from Kansas, along with her dog Toto and a large group of unidentified lifeforms; they went to the realm known as Oztralia. It is recorded that Dorothy, and Toto, had been there before more than once. That is when Dorothy was just a girl and Toto a puppy. When they returned, for the last time, Dorothy was a young woman and Toto was an aged dog close to dying of old age. Perhaps Dorothy hoped that Toto's life would be rejuvenated, expanded, in that strange domain."


FrancisDaHapplin vanished away almost as if he had never been there.


Helen nodded but more as if to herself than to MissExplorer. "I know just the people to send with you. The LSN will give them general resources to carry out the expedition but you will need to supply them with the rest."


MissExplorer smiled, hard, at the other woman. "I will take all of those metallic rods but, do not worry, the golden metallic flatcanister there can provide you with replacements for all of them and do so more than once."


Helen frowned hard but made no effort to stop MissExplorer taking the 13 Multirods with her. When MissExplorer was gone from the chamber, Doctor Magnus went to her large desk to start arranging for her chosen people to go with the Wanderer aspect including her own troublesome younger daughter, Ashley Magnus.

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JackOman gave a sour laugh and then shook his head. "Appears that the joke is on the Wanderer. The whole arrival, of the BSoS, was a deception except those few one met are decieved puppets. The CitadelDC is empty though heavily sealed up with fortifications and autorobotic defence-security network-systems. At least the false BSoS, who have all turned out to be androids or cyborgclones or more straight forward clones, have all become members of the XFAIA."


Sanshaw lay next to him in bed, sheets drawn up to their chests, being naked as he was. "We need to ask ourselves how the Wanderer be so heavily decieved along with others."


JackOman shook his head. "I doubt that the Eldermost were so tricked. I can not shake the feeling that 'something' is very wrong and that the answer lies with that pattern found both on the floor, in front of the elevator, and on the wall behind the displays of the dangerous to use devices. The taskteam that went, further down the rampwell that led to the ReCentre, found further progress blocked by a VaultTech wheeldoor. MasterMany has admitted that she had the illusion that she had somehow created the area down the rampwell, from the speakyeasy in the DCGM, but it was starkly clear to her now that she had been manipulated but by what?"


Sanshaw sighed. "I was taking a look at the map of the ReCentre, as it is now, and the pattern that is on the wall, and in front of the elevator, if it is really one. The odd symbols are relevant, somehow, to what is behind the elevator doors and the wheeldoor."


JackOman frowned softly. "Everything, of the ReCentre, has proven so far to be on the one level. Yet there have been some signs, found on walls in isolated areas of the ReCentre, stating it is the 'Second Level'. As for where the symbols are, they have proven so far to indicate where hidden escape chambers, caches of reserve gear, safes full of valuables or secret data or even, in one case, a secret lovers' nest. Five had not been found simply because they are in ReCentre areas not fully explored yet."


Sanshaw spoke. "What if the symbols were not just important as in the locations that they indicated."


JackOman nodded. "You mean like the symbol smack bang in the middle of that surrealism, oil, painting on the wall there. Strange, it seems to be expanding..."


JackOman was floating, naked, in a great sphere, along with twelve other MasterOman aspects. JillOman was not in the bubble but she was in the great domechamber full of quite bright light coming from the translucent domewall-domeceiling.


She, and Sanshaw, were in curious offwhite jumpsuits and were both at the same offwhite, curving console.


JillOman sighed. "The first of 13 is encapsulated and now I can not longer pretend to be an aspect of MasterOman."


Sanshaw frowned softly. "So, what next?"


Which was when, with a sparkling shimmer, nine metallic envelopes appeared on a clear, flat, side area of the console. Instructions had arrived and JillOman would not be thrilled with all of them.



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As far as the others knew, except for the Eldermost, JillOmam was now JackOman. He explained how he had need to become only one, at least for a while, to gather up energies. JillOman had never really been part of MasterOman but with Eldermost assistance had managed to seemingly become a secondary aspect of MasterOman. JillOman had trouble understanding the truth herself.


Jill/JackOman did not have the whole story of what was going on and it was best that way though she really did not know why that was so. It had something to do with both the Wanderer and the SecretOsoEnemy along with a powerful, subtle, link between them.


Jill/JackOman made her/his to where the five symbol marked points were, on the map of the 2nd Level of the ReCentre. It was no surprise that MasterMany had lied about that area not being explored for yet again that one was acting oddly. In large chambers were artefacts from PreDoomsday USA from atomic hovercars to a police vertibird, electric runabouts, robots such as protectrons, a NukaCola vending-robot, some radical posters, VaultTech bobbleheads and much else.


The five symbols indicated hidden chambers each with a focus on a particular top security project. The project to send a secret expedition, of tracksubs, to deep beneath the DCGM, was the first that she/he went into. Two MasterMany aspects followed her into the chamber but made no effort to stop her/him from doing anything.


It did not take long to find information, there, indicating that the secret expedition had failed. All of the tracksubs were attacked, in a vast artificial chamber, and were so damaged they could no longer function. It was known as the Hubchamber of the 13 Ways being eight horizontal great tunnels along with four going down and one going upwards. The descendents were still there because Doomsday had taken place and there was no reason for them to leave. Others had joined them being refugees from the surface and yet others.


That great stone chamber was a product of the Zaeiou who served the ZaZeZiZoZu Gods.


The nature of the bizarre, shadowy, attackers remained a mystery except that they had seemingly only wanted to halt the expedition and not to destroy it. After achieving that goal they no longer assaulted the great chamber.


The second chamber showed a bizarre project to use NukaCola Quantum to turn people into beserker 'glowing' radioactive monsters. Except that the USFG had banned the sale of the drink just before its first public release in DC. Before about half of the deeply controversial drink could be recalled, Doomsday left many supplies scattered across DC but mostly in WashingtonDC. It was a common belief that such as glowghouls came from a mixture of intense radiation, FEV and NCQ.


The third project was UVR, or ultra virtual reality, as versus generally known SVR or super virtual reality. Most common was GVR, or general virtual reality, along with BVR or basic virtual reality. There were two prototype capsulechairs, a full reclining capsule and some other gear. The sadistic supergenius, Braun, had been heavily involved in the UVR project until forced to flee for unspecified reasons.


The fourth chamber showed an amazing set of cloning mechanisms including cloningcapsules, a vat and a good deal of other gear. It was the type of cloning tech that could create a wide range of types of clones from doppelgangers to cyborgclones and more. Yet it was also resources hungry and far from perfected.


The fifth chamber was the most impressive of all, in some ways, for it was five large kiosks with curious consoles and a large 3Dscreen endowed computer with data linking, referencing, a great deal of information found elsewhere; much had been found but much had yet to be found.


Jill/JackOman was soon plunging into the depths of the super data centre.

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In the great chamber, where a sphere shaped capsule held MasterOman floating, two other such sphere capsules each held another aspect of the Wanderer that had never managed to arise on the Wasteworld. That is why two Wanderer aspects had never shown up anywhere, including in the DCWastelands.


There floated also the semiconscious prime avatar of the Wander being damaged but slowly healing after being attacked by an unknown threat that had not been the SecretOsoEnemy; yet its mind was busy at a very deep level. There was good reason for this to be the case.


Jill/JackOman was still working with the special chamber but now Sanshaw, and others, were assisting her. Each, of the five kiosks, had a sophisticated puzzle console complete with 3Dscreen and other clever features. They would have to be accessed, sooner rather than later, but only after more data was gained in order to assist with the puzzles. It was already clear all of them were linked to other important facets of a great mystery. Would they provide answers or just ways forward to better gaining important answers. There was a pressing need to clarify just what the great mystery was.


MasterMany vanished away, taking many resources from the secondary base but nothing from the ReCentre though why this was so was a puzzle to which no immediate answers were found; that is except that MasterMany had been acting rather 'odd' lately. Only the actual aspects, of MasterMany, departed with others being left behind.


MissExplorer entered the first segment, of the YellowBrickWay, being the rather strangely organic yellow brick tunnel where the slightly damp air itself glowed softly with yellow tinged light. After a while she was simply 'gone' while the others turned and started returning to the LifeSanctuary that they had departed from. Soon enough she would be in a sphere capsule.


MrWalker, in HongKong, became one and stepped into a long distance teleportation cubicle to go to DC. He did not materialise in the cubicle, in DC, that he was supposed to. After a short time he would be floating nakedly in a sphere capsule in the same great chamber as other aspects were.


MrsMystery kept assisting vaultfolk in TechVault101 but was the techvault real? It vanished and so did she!


MissGaia kept doing the same, with gaiafolk, in the GaiaInstitute but was the institute real? It dematerialised and so did the Wanderer aspect.


Wayhero went into TechVault108 and never left it or was that the real story? The techvault changed, becoming TechVault212. In its turn, Wayhero as one, would soon be in a sphere capsule.


DocWatcher became but one and vanished away as if no longer having the push to observe anything. Yet another sphere capsule was appear and to have a resident.


Then there was another that appeared as a single in a sphere capsule and that was the real MasterMany.



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JillOman spoke to Sanshaw, having given up trying to be JackOman and feeling very tired.


"The Wanderer and the SecretOsoEnemy are the one, the same, entity and have always been so. Extremely long ago the Wanderer, of 13 living gods of very strange origins, were seduced by the increasingly dysfunctional Eldermost that was then known as OsoEioAuo. Back then OsoEioAuo had some chance to become healed but did not wish to do so."


"When it fled, becoming the GreatOsoEnemy, it drew with it the Wanderer that was soon to be known as the corrupted SecretOsoEnemy. Exotic resources were gained with the existence of the GreatOsoEmpire, most of the actual work being done by the increasingly rebellous SecretOsoEnemy."


"After fleeing from the wreckage of the GreatOsoEmpire, the GreatOsoEnemy created this quasireality of a world along with the rest of the solar system that it is part of. The SecretOsoEnemy reached out to the Eldermost to assist it and that is what they did by assisting the SecretOsoEnemy to take the form of the Wanderer and then assisting it in other efforts. That is the Wanderer had to gain a given pattern of achievements, and the right information, to allow the Eldermost the 'mandate' to fully help them in the end. That is pretty much the useful information I have gained that can so easily be summarised except that the Wanderer is now all in the sphere capsules in a very special chamber that is not totally of the quasireality of this solar system."


She sighed. "That is the Wanderer and I am an aspect of the WayGuardian. There are still questions to be answered such as what attacked, and badly damaged, the powerful core aspect of the Wanderer. The core aspect, of the Wanderer/SecretOsoEnemy was the most powerful, and cunning, of all of the Wanderer13 though they were also very strong and canny; it even took special precautions against the GreatOsoEnemy so how did the attacker manage to get close enough to unleash such a terrible assault as it did?"


Sanshaw frowned. "What will happen to the Wanderer now? Will it be punished for past crimes?"


JillOman shook her head. "No, it was seduced by the corrupting Eldermost and was then enslaved, so it has suffered enough. If anything the Wanderer deserves compassion."


Sanshaw nodded. "What of the fake MasterMany?"


JillOman grinsmiled. "MissMultiple is an aspect of the WayGuardian as linked to myself. MissMultiple is its true name. The real MasterMany quietly surrendered to being in a sphere capsule as one; that happened at the very second that the false ReCentre trap was swept away by the Eldermost. The Eldermost are not yet finished with this world. I am wary for I suspect it will be big and also that the quest for truth will continue to ask how it was that an Eldermost was corrupted when that was supposed to be impossible, the true nature-origin of the Wanderer and much else. Why, for example, did the GreatOsoEnemy create this world, the Wasteworld, as it is. Did the Wanderer, as the SecretOsoEnemy, have anything to do with being this way? Perhaps the answer, to that, is linked to the very origin of the Wanderer."


At that very moment matters began to both change to various degrees from great shifts to none at all. Time was reversed back some years. Yet the Wastelands remained much the same.



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If you run very quickly away from yourself, then catch yourself on the rebound, that might help.”

Either CecilDaCyril or CyrilDaCecil, of SanctuaryHotelDC, maybe 2311AD.

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