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Settlement Crafting/New Lands - For the big mod bois

settlement overhaul huge idea

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Ok, so I'm no game designer, story writer, or any form of mod creator. Hell, I can barely UV wrap a cube in blender correctly without one image being sideways. So I come to you, oh forum gods, in the hopes that some God sees my idea and thinks 'Hey, thats pretty good'


So, a good, good large chunk of the audience and player count for this game plays it for one thing, and one thing only right? And that would be Settlement Building. Youtube channels are literally dedicated to it. EvilViking13, Skooled Zone, and plenty of other youtubers are dedicated entirely to the crafty bois. However, I feel like the availability and creativity of the possibilities are pretty low. For example, the inner city base game sucks as it is, and inner city would have been a perfect place. The sizes of the settlements blow, and sure there are mods that expand areas and limits but the game isn't designes around this and causes it's own issues. When I want to create a settlement, I want it to be big, I want it to be my own. I want the layout to be 100% Josh, not 20% Josh and 80% crappy blue shack houses with big ass holes in the roof that make zero logical sense.


So, my idea? A new land, a fairly big new land. I see all these new big projects, such as FO4 Miami, FO4 New Vegas, and I think they're great.


But it's time the Settlement Bois got one.


An entire new land, new city, new gigantic settlement areas. I want to be able to create a thriving settlement, full of hundreds of people. I want to create something of the gods.


However, base game I understand this would be too easy, a week at best. So further upon this idea, the settlement resource system would have to be completely overhauled, not just to expand game time, but to bring some realism. You go to sleep a soldier, and awake with the knowledge to craft entire buildings? I don't think so buddy.


-So, the first steps for your character woul dhave to be some sort of research system. Yes, yes, I know. Massive Cliche. But it bloody works, and makes bloody sense.


-Next, you'd have to put a lot of effort into finding resources and building sources.

For example,

Build a mining colony near a mine to get Concrete and metal.

Build a Foresters in a forest for Wood, plants, fertilizer.

Factory settlements, just like in new vegas, for crafting items such as screws, guns, armour, spring.

Brotherhood recon teams (FOR THE IMMERSION) for circuitry, optic lenses, nuclear material.

City settlements that trade items (depending on what your supply settlements craft and trade with them)


-City settlements could also have a massive overhaul;



Designated zones for Retail and Living


And these are just a few ideas I can think of off the top of my head quickly. Settlement building showed us that it's time to stop mooching off of existing places, and be the emperor to our own lands, our own world.


Let's get this idea trending, so that some MODGOD sees this and takes this from idea to reality <3

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