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Cannot Hire Modded Hirelings

hireling modded hire 500 gold

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I've recently tried to use mods that added new hirelings (e.g. Respawnable Mercenaries, Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION) and whenever I've tried to hire one of them it won't give me the "Consider yourself hired. (500)" dialogue when I have the gold to give them. However, if I don't have the gold to give them, the dialogue option pops up (but they obviously refuse to become a follower). I tested this without any other mods in my load order, and it persisted. So, it's not a mod conflict. Its not these mod's fault either, as I actually tested to see if the same thing happened when I made my own hireling with CK - the same thing happens.

I've tried searching to see if anyone else has had this issue with other mods which have added new hirelings, and have found that A LOT of other people have encountered the same thing I have. Unfortunately, I haven't found a single working solution to this problem which is plaguing hireling mods - I've already tried deleting all my other mods, setting followers to 0 via console, starting new games and reinstalling the game - nothing seems to fix it. The vanilla hirelings (e.g. Belrand, Jenassa) still work though, so it must be possible to get it working somehow.


Does anyone know what exactly is going on here? How do we fix this issue?



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