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Skyrim Preset Walkthroughs and Character Quests (Idea)

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After (if you take all versions of Skyrim together) more that 2000h of Skyrim i realised that everytime i play the game again i do the same quest in the same order again and again, so i wanted to seek for a mod that changed Skyrim into a less "open" game and further forced you to do certain quests in certain order, like you were realy a character in this world and cant just say, "meh ill take care of alduin later." A little bit more Immersive if you want so.

Ideally it would be a mod were you could load different user made presets into, like an assasin preset for an orphan wich gets rescued from the riften orphanage, or a fiercy warrior, the son of a jarl etc.

The creators of these presets could define specific events sidequests etc to activate after certain events. You could also include other mods who add quest to these presets or (which is the i would enjoy the most) certain quests or events which are so small or rare to occure that most players didnt ever see them.

Like i said i played a lot of Skyrim and still encounter new secrets, events and sidequests or locations after nearly 8 years of playing (with pauses ofcourse :P)

I dont know if anything like this already exists, if not myb some modder would feel inspired to create something like this, if not myb ill get back to it and create it myselfe, we will see :P


PS: Nearly never used forums at all so if my post is in some way not "normal" or strange,  yea ... thats the cause O.o

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