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Convert SE mod to LE

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It's not possible to backport from SE to LE. Form 44 is not understood by the older game and you'll just end up with corrupted saves as a result of trying. Plus LE will not be able to read meshes in SSE format either.

Thanks for the info.



it is definitely possible because I've done it myself quite successfully. Here's how: 

if it has esp:
create a blank form version 43 plugin in tes5edit
now open it in SSEEdit and copy records from the source. (copied records will have form version 44 in the header but the game still recognizes them)
it now should work as it is but u can also resave it in classic CK
Again, I did this myself with potions patcher for zzawesome potionsxx and CACO. I've been using these mods for months, if not a year now without any issues. 


Can you make a vid of this? I wanna make some SE mods I want into LE mods cause my PC can't handle SE and gets a gray screen.



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... my PC can't handle SE and gets a gray screen.

From everything I know of it, it should be more stable, not less. The entire point of the "Special" edition was to create a more stable platform for Bethesda to try to monetize and exploit the mods "market".  That's why they fixed no gameplay bugs or anything else; stability and integrating the Creation club/Bethesda.net was the only purpose.


I'd worry what else that might be telling you about the health or performance of your PC.  It's probably something worth investigating in earnest rather than sweeping under the rug.


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Retrograding it!

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