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Fallout 1 inspired ENB/Weather preset

enb shaders fallout 4 weather

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I never really use forums all that much so I don't know the reaction I will get, but here I go.

I would really like an ENB (Maybe weather mod too) that mimics the look and feel of the original fallout. There was an existing mod on beth.net called "Moribund World" that accomplished this fairly well, but support dropped for it immediately after the Nvidia competition and was never allowed on Nexus, I think because of the rules of the competition, I don't know. The point is that there isn't really a mod that accomplishes giving a old fallout feel, at least not from everywhere I've looked or at a level of quality thats considered polished.


As a fan of the original Fallout, I think its a disservice not to give Fallout 4 the wasteland treatment.

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