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Extensions for Raider Faction and Sub-Plots

raider nuka-world quest companion faction sub-plot

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I recently have been paying attention to the sub-plots in Fallout 4 (e.g. "Motorcycle Man", Red-Lily-TowerTom, Hardware Town) and I feel that they can be expanded upon. Especially for Raiders (Which is why I put in Raider sub-plot examples). 

I also loved the Karma system of New Vegas so I thought that something similar could be put in.

Idea in General

For the Hardware Town plot: Allow speaking to Becca at the front of the building and use either Deagan as a companion or a speech check (Orange) to allow safe entry into the building.

Upon entering, have Becca say "He/She's one of us, don't shoot", in which the Raiders become docile and you can talk to Fuse in the back.

The 3 options to direct them are: (Good) Hire them as settlement guards / Help them establish a settlement area.

(Evil) Help raid areas for better equipment to allow for easier looting

(Neutral/Raider Ally) Direct them to Nuka-World where they join the faction of your choice (Operators, Pack, Disciples)

However, if this is to get made, the author would have the freedom to change the details as they see fit.


For the Red-Lily-TowerTom plot (The one which inspired the whole idea because I felt bad for Lily):

(MUST HAVE DEAGAN) Go to the entrance of the Federal Ration Stockpile where having Deagan with you makes the Raiders docile. Go through the Main Entrance (Not Old Church) where the locked doors are, and have Red Tourette behind the doors where she asks "Who are you and what do you want?" In which there are the normal sayings, but the main reason is: "I want to unify the Raiders at Nuka-World". And upon hearing this, she responds: "Not until I get my Sister: Lily, back". In which you prod the questions: "Who took her?" "Where was she taken?" "Is she worth it?", with the final response being: "Alright, point me in the right direction." In which Red Tourette takes over as a companion, and gives a quest marker to the "Bean Town Brewery", that states: "Save Lily from Tower Tom". Upon entering the building, Tower Tom is standing ~2 yards away (~2 metres) with Lily at his right. Red immediately asks Lily: "You alright Sis?" In which she responds: "Get me out before asking questions." To which Tower Tom promptly says: "Shut up, before bullets go through you all!" After which he makes demands: "You better keep the crates coming in, or this little girl's gonna be coming in a crate back to ya..." *To the the Lone Survivor* "What the hell are you doin here? This aintcha business kid."

4 Dialogue choices: easy speech check that leads to another speech check and a fine of 500 caps; medium speech check, an easy speech check, then a fine of 250 caps; Hard speech check that has no fee; or a mini quest in which you have to bring back 20 rad stag meat and 1000 caps.

Upon firing at him (If you just want to get it over with), if he survives the initial shot, he'll instantly shoot Lily failing the quest and turning Red Tourette hostile. If its a successful kill, you have to clear the rest of the building of Raiders before Red Tourette and Lily engage in a conversation (WIP), after which Lily thanks you by going to the settlement or Nuka-World faction of your choice, and Red Tourette thanks you by becoming your companion *Possible Romance system at the author's choice*. You also receive the Terminal key to the Federal Ration Stockpile, where you can return to get the end-dungeon chest loot. *If green lit by the author, Federal Ration Stockpile could become a settlement.*


Those are the main 2 quests I thought of, but I may add upon more


I Fully understand that this would take a lot of time, effort, patience, and scripting.

And to any Author or team of Authors who decide to take me up, please comment that you would like to start production on this so anyone else who decides to help would know who to collaborate with.

And have a feeling this could be a very large quest mod that (If given coverage) could be at the top in ratings.

If you wish to begin working on this, again please comment such, and if possible we could try to find a better means of communication (e.g. discord) so that I could answer any questions easier and I could provide more specifications, so it comes out the way it's intended to be, however I do believe that this is a good foundation for the quest, and anyone who wishes to take it up could take artistic liberties with it.




P.S. This is my first time using the Nexus forums, so sorry if the post isn't extravagant or even extremely well put together.

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