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What do you think the best nude mods available are?

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Whenever I play naked, I like to use Immersive weapons and Immersive armors.




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(Obviously, all of the follow is... IMHO):

I think it depends. CBBE tends to offer curvy women with scaling from butts and breasts from normal to ridiculous (e.g., breasts that would make walking upright difficult let alone combat).  UNP tends to be much more of physically defined ranging from in really good shape to hard bodies within what I would regard as much more realistic proportions [Cup A-C] (though variations exist that offered large size or some extreme muscle builds hardbody x10, but UNP is again less curvy).  Remember, CBBE and UNP are body structures over which the skin textures are set.


In addition, I have found that head meshes vary with each of the builds and I much prefer the UNP Heads which I find a bit more fair and their fairest are the fairest of them all.  If you go to Shiva's Beautiful Presets and open the Images Tab and go to Comparisons you can see what I mean same presets over different meshes... which maybe more related to 'standard head meshes' that come with than options.

CBBE  and UNP are for women.  So, like Jeir said, you have to choose for your guys, if you are equal opportunity nudist.  Men are bare chested, obviously, but they can be covered with underwear, flaccid, or not, etc.,. Shiva's Beautiful Presets comes with side by side comparisons for men, too, and out-of-the-box head meshes differ, too.

Skin Textures - depends on what you are looking for and which of the body structures you chose (CBBE & UNP are not the only ones but tend to be what most people use). In my experience, I have found that CBBE skin textures tend to be a bit more porcelain and anime styled for my tastes. While Jeir is correct (and should be as a very talented mod author - CBBE and Bodyslide) about better more realistic skin textures looking better and more realistic, I believe that applies to both UNP and CBBE.  I think that the subtle difference for me is that CBBE is curvy build, UNP is more defined from normal in shape to hardbody, and the textures map on to the bodies as such.  So, IMHO, even the highly realistic textures seem to me to map out different on curvy forms - better by far than some of the early CBBE Skins, but for me... UNP is better choice.


Personally, I think skin textures are just about as essential as underlying body structure (CBBE & UNP) and visiting a view of the skin textures that support UNP and CBBE will give you reasonable side-by-side comparisons.  Oh, and if non-humans are important, remember that their are fewer skin textures and they do not work with everything... so check them.


Body Physics - from combat to bouncing busts and buns are factors, too.  CBBE and UNP have physics as well.  Personally, since I play the game to play the game, physics are something I sometimes include but do not miss it much when it's not there... for your purposes gather it's important so consider physics options.

Fashionista - one of the bigger differences between CBBE and UNP though - not really that big a difference as some suggest is - clothing and armor mods.  CBBE is probably the better choice for players who want to dress-up a lot and have fashion shows, because it is true that certain clothing and armor mods do not work as well and some of these clothing and armor mods are for sex-oriented fashion or ultra skimpy armor (and UNP has a host of these options as well).  However, IMHO... as a player who tends to play the game and not have fashion shows and worry that I cannot dress-up in everything at the store, I have never found myself lacking when it comes to options.  So, while this an advantage if you want to have sex parties or play dress-up, I use UNP and have never found myself crying about it and, in truth, a lot of the better ones are modified for UNP.

So.... What Now?

So, CBBE (Curvy) or UNP (Shapely-Hardbody) or something else? What kind of skin do you want - porcelain or a bit over photoshopped/airbrushed or realistic.  What do the out-of-the-box head meshes look like... are they attractive to you?  Realistic textures look great on both CBBE and UNP, but given the shape of nature of UNP, I personally think the best skin mods look better on UNP - it can be close, but... UNP gets my vote. Skin Textures are probably as important and their are several great ones - my preference is always realism vs porcelain and over airbrushed.  In this regard, I recommend you visit Nordic Skyrim (see below) along with SEPTIM & TUCO because they will link out to some great skin textures.  And, finally, do you want physics, because both options come with them.



I prefer UNP for a lot of reasons (UNP Female Body Renewal & UNP Body Fit Armors and Clothing [Shiva182]). I prefer in-shape and define over curvy and do not need butts and breasts of inordinate size. I am not playing to have a fashion show or open a sex dungeon or have a Noble Dance Ball with all the trappings - some people get into it and more power to them - but I have never sat around as a character and thought... damn... I am so sad I cannot fit into that high heel or thong or what have you, lol.  I have always found plenty of cool things for UNP.  It also helps keep my mod list down because I have too many plugins as it is... so do I want 30+ beautiful armor mods or just the 5 I love.  I love the way the skin textures look on UNP.  I do use WICO, which truth be told is a UNP Only Mod, and is a real work of art. It is a bit complex, but the Character Options and NPCs (around 800 are covered) are stunning.  Frankly, given some of the hassles involved, if it was not a real piece of art, it would have fallen into oblivion.  Even Nordic Skyrim List (Creator) notes it as work-of-art kinda mod even though he prefers CBBE. 


Unfortunately, WICO requires a little bit of work before you should use it (cf., SEPTIM Mod List). It does require some advanced edits, but you do not need to know anything... just follow directions.  I used MO2 and followed the instructions on YouTube (PreCaliber and TUCO has a video that's otherwise outdated that does have accurate WICO fix part)… just remember make a Nude Version (and Non-Nude Version if you want to make Let's Plays to Post on YouTube) then open in explorer and save your modified mods into archive and you will never need to go through the hassle.  I have a completely functional versions - nude and non-nude - of WICO that work like a charm, but the authors been absent for 2+ years and I cannot upload for public use.

If I was not using WICO, I would still use UNP because I prefer body types - normal in-shape to hardbody, but I would use one of the following skins - Mature skin texture & body, Fair Complexion, Women of Skyrim female textures, Pride of Vanilla and I would probably use TCM.  WICO covers men, too.  So, I don't need a male model - WICO is as good to men as women (but it does not have totally nude men and, thereby, anatomical parts that work... so, if you're chasing that stuff, WICO as beautiful as it is... is not what you'd be looking for....  If I was not using WICO, I find there are a lot of good ones but for nudes (a) Tempered Skins for Males or (b) Vitruvia - Skin Textures for Males. 4K maybe SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K 2K Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes.


I use Diverse People and Botox to round out my NPCs (WICO covers 800+ but these hit a few not covered), but I still have WICO Immersive People and Dawnguard (2 esps included in WICO) and assign them priority over all other mods for appearance.

As to physics, more often than not, I don't use any physics options though HDT is/would be my choice if I did... again, if I want beautiful nude women with real physics, I go the photo studio and/or the internet provides options for those without a photo-studio - but that's just my thought... everyone has their own thing.


PS: Obviously, I favor UNP as do others, but there a lot of fans of CBBE, too.  They might say UNP is too blocky (muscular) or to slim (in shape) vs curvy (round) thicker (meaty).  It really does come down to taste.  CBBE folks have done a lot of hard work on their mods, these are exceptional mods, and they have their folks.  UNP the same... I am one of the later.

Some Major Mod Lists To Visit:

YouTube will provide you with a fair amount of comparisons as well... whichever meshes, textures, and physics you choose good luck.  Great thing about mods is... you can do what you want

Uhm, I think the vast majority of people here would appreciate it if you didn't unjustly attack cbbe/fill uninformed folks heads with false ideas concerning the mod. For starters, cbbe is far less intensive and far more adaptable than unp in regards of EVERYTHING. from armors to animations to facial expressions. I use cbbe because realistically it has less of a chance of crashing your game from vram overload (not to mention most of the unp mods have very intrusive dirty edits, which makes using other mods with it difficult) UNP had its time, but it simply doesn't perform to the expectations of better graphics mods, more in depth immersion mods, etc. If you're going for a large load order, it is best to avoid unp wherever possible.




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  • "This is the kind of body you get out of UNP (https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/1699)" and he's right.  It is the model I use UPN - Standard (Cup Sizes A to C), but variations exist. However, Jyotai, next line is, IMHO, utter bulls*** - "It is often used for follower mods with bodies like this: https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/11744."  How can you tell?  Well, simple, UNP does have alternate spin-off mods like UNPB, UUNPN, blah, blah, blah, but they are not what I recommended and are not UNP. UNP Standard (Cup Sizes A to C). Moreover, I find it laughable that his own case is disproven on the very same page.  If you keep scrolling down the Main Mod Page, you'll get to some great examples of equally unbalanced CBBE Models (Ellen CBBE and Lucia CBBE #1 Toward The End).  If I were trying to be as biased, I would not add - Stephanie CBBE and Lucia CBBE (very last) - provides a nice example of the reasonable side of CBBE.  In addition, if you look specifically at UNP (not variations of UNP), I am pretty sure what I described is again spot-on.


I stand by my point. UNP bodies are blocky messes where you can see the polygons.


It and variants thereof are more often used to do over the top extreme followers like those I linked.

You seem to think that that page having a busty CBBE model disproves my point... That's an almost Taliban like attack - "the dirty woman exists over there! See!!!"

Yes, CBBE can also be used to do a very busty look - and also; when it is it does it with less blocky polygons...

- So as many CBBE complainers note, CBBE does busty over the top BETTER...


Yet, it also is better for a normal body shape. And when you look at mods based around it, they are more often of normal body types.


How can it possibly be a bad thing that ca body mesh can do a wider range of the spectrum without issues and well... without needing variant added mods?


Your criticism seems to boil down to "shameful / sinful mesh can do busty women" as if that as all it did... This is why I carted out a mod of UNP followers that were 'over the top' and a counter follower mod of CBBE with a slimmer body.


I find it absurd that the fact that a body can do any sort of variation well is something people complain about.


So we have one mod able to handle a fuller range 'out of the box' and the other needing added variant mods to have a variety of shapes... That right there is a win for the body that can handle variety.




Yet the other issue also exists. UNP looks polygonal in both forms. This really isn't about how high polygon each body is. I think I've read they're actually almost the same. It is about polygon distribution.


UNP places the vertices (points that when connected created polygons) evenly. That is a beginner 3D modeling mistake. CBBE places them according to the demands of morphing and animation. Places with a lot of 'action' get a higher polygon count.

- I'd need to open them both in blender like past reviewers have... but if one of them is properly using triangles in high motion/morph spots, that would make that one the flat out massive winner in terms of demands on a person's computer, over one that used something like evenly distributed squares.



This is not just an invisible performance issue. It is why in two images I pointed to, you could see a blocky edge to the bosom of UNP, and a smoother rounding of the bosom on CBBE. That difference if BOTH aesthetic and performance related. Badly placed polygons can cost an end user a lot of FPS, heat up the graphics card, and even trigger a CTD when a system gets overtaxed correcting distortion.


I used to do a lot of 3D art, and proper polygon placement favoring areas that had more morph targets or were either joints or smooth deforming tissue like a breast - created a difference of hours off my render times. If you look at gaming graphics - and pay attention to how figures move, some of the tight restrictions are based on limited polygon availability. And in newer games, polygons are moved heavily to places like knees, joints, mouths, and so on... and breasts if the game is the kind with 'bosom physics'.



If you're familiar with 'Poser' and 'Daz3d', there's a lot of discussion about 15-20 years back as Daz3d's model overtook the Poser ones - on this very point. With all the assorted wireframe mockups and diagrams over polygon placement and how to line up vertices right. 'Victoria' is now the most popular female body in the hobbyist 3D art world for a reason, and it's in version 8 or more now because all of this is a process of constant refinement to move those vertices to the 'exact right spot' for best performance.



This issue I have with how the polygons are placed in UNP... that's a the real deal killer. It's not as easy to point out as just showing how CBBE can do slim, curvy, and comical-busty... but it is actually way more important.


The poster right above me notes performance issues and CTDs with UNP... What I'm mentioning is at least the reason I know of why that would happen.

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Shameless plug on the main topic here... but if you have your adult / nudity filters set to 'on', search mods by me. Put one up last night that is directly on point to the original topic of this thread.


(Wasn't originally intended to be my first mod, but it was the one I finished first).




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So... if I'm not looking to turn Skyrim into porn or have characters with titties the size of watermelons what's my best option? 


I did read the thread before posting, but it seems to be mostly fighting over who has the best fetishes. That's not what I'm looking for, I just want to play the game, but I'm an adult so I don't need underwear superglued onto the characters either. 


So the question isn't "which bodymod looks the hottest?" it's "which bodybod fits the aesthetic of this pseudo-medieval world the best?". A poor peasant stripped naked is not going to look like an anime character. I'm not looking for something to jerk off to, I'm looking for immersion and realism. What's my best bet? WICO?



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If you have no desire for "hawt chicks" I guess you'd use UNP vanilla. As well, you could choose a male character to avoid any female distraction. They're also UNP by default.


Ie, just don't load any of the "extras" mods associated with bodies. Those would actually be the most "native" choice for this game.


PS> I'm an adult too, and to be honest, I'd prefer to see semi realistic human beauty vs the blocky vanilla females Bethesda populates the game with. But frankly they are more realistic in many ways. Ugly is in abundance, just like the real world... Each to his or her own. Different strokes for different folks, etc etc.




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For non human bodies look for:


That is female Khaajit, but the description page has links to the other 3 mods by this same modder for the remaining options.


On the UNP looks real vs CBBE... I always find this baffling.


This is the kind of body you get out of UNP:



It is often used for follower mods with bodies like this:



And this is CBBE:


It is often used for follower mods with bodies like this:



- this is what I mean when I say I find UNP to be a bit blocky. I can almost see the polygons with it.


Look at the 7th image on the UNP page itself. A side profile of a woman in plate armor - the polygons are visibly there. Her bosom is a clear series of straight lines rather than a curve. Of course it is a valid argument that armor should not be 'form fitting'... BUT this armor is... and yet the form, is blocks.


This image:



Now look at this from CBBE:


- four figures in form fitting. The one on the left is almost blocky, but still retains a smooth curve.


That is basically comparing the best UNP can do against the worst CBBE will leave you with. And even in that unfair test, CBBE comes out ahead.


People love to complain that CBBE can do big butts and bosoms - but that's a poor complaint. A good complaint would be if it could ONLY do that...

I'm trying to make npc faces more realistic, can you tell me which face mod this is? https://staticdelive...-1506859059.jpg




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Well you should definitely check out LoversLab if your looking for adult mods. Not sure if I'm aloud to post a link or not but google is your friend. They have a crap ton of sex related mods there, a lot of stuff that's too racy for the Nexus.


**Edit: Once you get your body picked out that is Lol**

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