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Arrow impact sound fix

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The sound when you hit an enemy with an arrow from a distance, is just as ridiculous and unrealistic as if there was no sound when hitting an enemy with a melee weapon. 

That said, there are four arrow flesh impact sounds, shown in the attached image. However, the file named "arrow_impact_flesh_004" is used for way too wide of a distance range (from player to target)

It should be way quieter when the player and target are further away from each other, but it doesn't. No matter how far you go, you always hear the same impact sound as if you were 10 meters / 30 feet from the target you shot.


I tried downloading Immersive Sounds Compendium mod manually and tested which of the four audio files for the flesh impact sound was used in the long distances, and muted one at a time.
Much to my surprise, even if all the four audio files were totally silent when opening them in VLC, none of them were changed in-game. So I downloaded the whole mod and installed with NMM.

There was also an .esp file and I suspect the audio files can't sometimes be muted by using silent files without an .esp. Since only when I had the .esp from ISC, the sound file in question could be muted by replacing it with a silent one.
And it was the file ending "004" which had to muted to get rid of the sound at longer distances. Still, I've seen mods just replace a certain audio file with a silent one and that does the job.


Why does an audio file, be it fx or voice, sometimes require more than just replacing the file with a silent one in order to be successfully muted? The real question is, how does the audio still persist in-game, if the audio file is muted and all the audio file and folder structure is correct? How can this be? Having the same issue with some voice audio files. They're mute in the files but not in-game. And I have no mods that could affect any of these audio files.


If someone is a expert with this type of modding or knows how to mute the arrow impact sound, would be greatly appreciated to learn how to do it :smile:

Thank you! 

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while ago I've been working on mod for my personal use, where I brought into skyrim wasteland rollers..some kind of bikes..I used for them horse race and skeletons..They been working fine, but even the rollers had own sound, still I heard horse breathing as well.. I've also muted horse breathe but nothing changed.. So in game settings in CK for that particular mod esp I've deleted horse breathing sound. and saved that in esp. Solved. Not sure about arrows, but I think it should work that way as well.




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Alright, that might work, yes. Thanks for the tip! Haven't used CK yet but maybe I'll give it a go.

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