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Consolidated Magic Effects on Character Screen

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Okay, so here's the pitch: An adjustment to the user interface as a SkyUI plugin that takes all your magical effects on the magical effects screen, and consolidates them by category.


So instead of having double listings, impossible to read item text (some modded gear/enchantments do this,) and a massive list to scroll through, it'd just be split up by the effect and totaled. If you had six different items that provided six different magic resist effects, the tab would just show the total magic resistance gained from all six items. If you added a seventh, it'd get added up and consolidated




Magical Effects:


Magic Resistance: 60%

Frost Resistance: 70%

Fire Resistance: 50%

Shock Resistance: 20%

Shout Reduction: 75%

Health Regen: 100%

Magic Regen: 200%


Instead of:


Boots of Godhood: Increase Magic Resist by 20%

Helm of Godhood: Increase Magic Resist by 15%

Armor of Godhood: Increase Magic Resist by 25%

Etc; BS


What I'd like to know is if this is even possible. Even if we couldn't integrate it into the UI, or into SkyUi (perhaps with SKSESE), it'd be nice to have it as a spell or an MCM. 


Does anybody have any input? Am I the only one who thinks this is a brilliant idea? If something such as this exists already, please let me know and post a link. If not, can we discuss?


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