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Unique character - body&textures

custom race cbbe neck seam meshes & textures player character vs npcs

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Dear nexusforums


I'm modding my skyrim thoroughly and so far I'm getting along really well (thanks to the ultimate modding guides). I've installed many graphics mods, ENB, weather- and shaders mods and so on. Now I'm trying to beautify the player character and the NPCs of skyrim but came across some issues, and would really appreciate some help with those.


Now I want to make myself in skyrim, therefore I'd like to use some bodymesh and -texture replacing mods, however I find it very un-lore friendly that if I were to install and use CBBE for example (my favorite so far) every other NPC has the same body of a 20yo. I looked around forums and the nexus and found out that by using the 'Custom Races' mod I could make this work. I tried to take CBBE's meshes and textures and put them into the correct directory (I want to play as a female imperial), and replaced the meshes and textures accordingly (I also tried using the 'Mature skin texture and body' mod's textures afterwards).


Now the issue here is that when I then load up skyrim and make a new character of the altered race, I get a terrible neck seam, and the head looks completely out of place (it's too big for the body and the textures/colour of the head & body don't match). Apparently it's caliente's texblend lite or the regular texture blender that fixes this (the seam that is, not the scale of the head), but I don't know how to use either.


If anyone could help me get a CBBE (slim) player character only (with preferrably highres textures like those of the 'Mature skin' mod, but not necessarily that one) without a neck seam and incorrect body proportions, I'd be very grateful (also, would I need to replace the skeleton of the custom race for it to work with custom animation mods? Most, if not all of them require XP32, or would XP32 replace the Custom Races' skeletons automatically?). I have been messing around with mods for a while now for different games so I get the main gist of them, but I'm no expert, so a step-by-step fix would really help.




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