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King Midas spell package - Using gold in combat

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The idea is a spell package for players who like to play greedy characters that loots everything they can.
All spells would be from the alteration school. I'm not good with balancing so I won't suggest values or levels, only the ideas. Also, my english is not that good so please be nice :smile:


Gold Ray (aka Make it Rain, aka Golden Shower) : A spray of gold coins that causes damage per second (a little better than the novice destruction spells but consumes gold per second)

Gold Blade: (only equippable in the left hand) Infuses the weapon in your right hand with gold increasing the damage. Consumes a certain amount of gold. You can use several times up to 10 times to stack the effect increasing the damage even more and consuming more gold.

Gold Armor:  Infuses your armor with gold increasing the armor rating. Consumes a certain amount of gold. You can use several times up to 10 times to stack the effect increasing the armor rating even more and consuming more gold.

Bag Punch: A short range spell that causes damage based on your current Carry Weight. High Carry Weights will also stagger the opponents while very high Carry Weights will knock them down.

Transmute Objects: Transform your itens into gold. Using this spell will open a container where you can put any itens you want. Closing the container will detroy the itens and give you 25% of their value in gold.


Recruit: Cast into an oponnent to change him into an ally for a period of time. Consumes gold based on the level of the opponent (it would be cool a warning message showing the amount of gold you're about to spend).

Hire: Just like recruit but permanent and more expensive. (You can only have one recruited / hired opponent per time).


Gold Touch: Transform enemies with 5% or less health into a pile of gold. The pile will have gold based on the level of the opponent. The downside of that spell is that it won't be possible to loot the itens of that opponent. Also, I think it should have a high cast time.

Zenithar's Favor: Trade a ton amount of gold (I'm talking like 20k ~ 50k) for a permanent bonus (for example: More health, more stamina, extra perk point, resistance bonus, etc...). This spell I know it should be on master level.

So, what you guys think of my idea? Any suggestions of spells that could be included in this package?

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