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TES Arena mod idea: Saving anywhere

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As much as I enjoy playing The Elder Scrolls: Arena, I find it incredibly frustrating and annoying that the game forbids you from saving inside of shops, temples, and taverns. The last one is probably the worst offender, since taverns are literally the only place in the game where you can rest and gather your wits without worrying about monsters spawning and trying to kill you. I don't know what made Bethesda think this was a good idea, other than stopping you from reloading your game every time you fail to bum a room (which is also a pointless mechanic, since rooms are dirt cheap as it is and it's very easy to make more money), but thankfully they dropped this rule in the sequels.


What is also very annoying is how inconsistent it is; I can't save inside of a tavern where I legally paid my own hard-earned money to stay the night, but I can break into some random person's house (which is almost guaranteed to send the guards after me) and save there? So forcing you to go outside and stand in the doorway whenever you want to save the game, while also making sure it's daytime when you do it, makes simply finding a good place to save your game when you're not exploring some dungeon to be such a chore.


Are there any mods or any ways whatsoever to make the game drop its moronic savegame restrictions?

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