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Regarding not being able to install certain mods with scripted installers this week

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Just a heads up that we're aware of the issue affecting Vortex being unable to install some mods using scripted installers. Tannin is unable to patch the issue week, so expect a fix at some point next week.


There are about 7 open threads on this forum about this issue at the moment plus a lot more bug reports being sent in via the software. You no longer need to report this specific issue to us, as we're aware of it.


Thanks for the heads up!




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I'm assuming this is referring, in part, to installing CBBE and XP32 - to name the ones that I've had issues with - that report EPERM permissions warning. Correct?




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Also Dark0ne there is another little issue, ive send you in a message a little report. This is related to some mods that are using on the installer a "data" folder to place the .esp files and folders. For example, if a mod has a folder named "MYMODNAME" and into this folder is a "data" folder that contains all .esp files and folders like meshes, Vortex is installing this to wrong path, it creates another data folder into skyrim´s data folder. For example c:/skyrim/data/data/mymodname.esp. If the zip file is builded up without the data folder it installs fine. It would be nice if this can be fixed as it has no problems on NNM and MO.  I have the issue with 32 mods but i fixed it for myself rebuilding the installers for my personal usage. But would be great if it could be fixed on Vortex.


Thanks and sorry for my english

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