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Anyway to keep the dashboard setup fixed ?

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My copy of Vortex is installed in Program Files, and I am not experiencing any problems with Vortex as a result of that.  In the case of my custom dashboard setup, it works the way it's supposed to work, in spite of (or maybe because of?) being installed in Program Files.


@sopmac45.  I genuinely wish I could offer you some helpful suggestions, but I'm as baffled by your problem as you are.


@HadToRegister.  While many people over the years have reported serious and legitimate problems with installing to Program Files, I myself have never experienced these problems.  Why that's the case, I don't know.  However, from Windows 7 on, I have regularly installed to Program Files with no significant problems resulting.


Anyway, I'm absolutely not trying to start a debate here about installing to Program Files.  I'm simply reporting what my experience has been in the hope that it might be of some help to sopmac45.


Thanks so much Augusta Calidia … I know that if you could, you would help me and I appreciate the gesture. 


I've also never had any problem by having my games installed in the Program Files and I have been tempted to move them out of there but why to fix something that is not broken ? 


Back to the dashboard display issue that I have, at the end of the day I do not really care if things are moved as they pleased as far as my games are running as they should and Vortex is handling other more important things in the way we expect them. 


Thanks so much …  :cool:




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Same as Augusta Calidia, I install to program files with no problems to report. I have considered taking the advise of those who say don't do it, but it becomes an if it ain't broke don't fix issue.


Also not trying to start a debate just report my experience.

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