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Quest mod - the end of the Dragonborn/thalmor invasion

ending quest thalmor invasion epic lore friendly

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I was thinking of a great mod idea that would make an excellent ending to the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It would involve the Dragonborn battling against a huge horde of thalmor by himself or with the help of some of his followers (maybe even some of the factions that he is apart of if possible) and protecting Skyrim by holding off the thalmor invasion however, the Dragonborn would ultimately die by the impressive force of the thalmor but hopefully take out a large number and stall the invasion. Once the Dragonborn is near death, he should be transported to Sovngarde where he will be granted access to the hall of valor for his heroic sacrifice. It would need to be started by talking to Ulfric Stormcloak, or General Tulius or a commander of the corresponding faction (stormcloak or the imperial legion depending on which side won) where the Dragonborn is informed of a upcoming invasion by the Aldmeri Dominion but the Stormcloak or imperial legion needs time to prepare and gather its soldiers especially after the events of the civil war and dragon attacks. They would ask the mighty Dragonborn to hold off the invasion to give a chance of protecting the region. This would have course have to take place after the events of the main questline and the civil war and possibly the dlc main quests but would be a great end to the Dragonborn.


This idea fits perfectly with the lore as an invasion is inevitable and it is known through the main questline that the Aldmeri Dominion are planning something given that they benefit from either the imperial legion or stormcloak winning.


If someone does plan on making a mod like this please credit me for the idea and I will also be happy to help. The reason I'm not doing it myself is because I'm quite a noob at quest mods.

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