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[Request] A few QoL mods I'd like to see.


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These are just a few things I'd like to see made. I figured posting here has at least some potential for them to be made, so here they are.


Lesser Scout Flies - I know that we have "no" scout flies, but I'd really like to see a mod that made them less bright, and less dense/a thinner steam. I like having them, especially once you unlock the passage ways on certain maps, as it does show if they're faster, but they take up WAY too much space, and are EXTREMELY bright.


Auto Skip - It would be a nice time saver if someone created a mod that auto skipped dialogue, cutscenes, and anything else that's skippable. It could also save us some stress on our fingers/keys/buttons too!


"Better" Health/Stamina Bar - I'd really love if someone put number/percent on the health and stamina bar, including for allies. I just really like being able to see the numbers over just the bar. This is a common mod I see in other games so I assume someone might make it at some point either way.

A "better" UI mod in general might be fun. Less screen space, more information...


Monster Health - Just a bar, or a percentage, I think this kind of thing would be fun for those who've already beaten the game, and just want more information on screen. In addition to just the health, being able to display parts/breaks would be nice too. If this is even doable, I'd love to have it.


Access From Box - The possibility to add access for more things from your box outside of your room would be extremely nice. Your Palico's gear, Trailraiders, armor pigment, etc.

Potentially a "access from anywhere" mod would gain some traction too.


DPS Meter - Weather the ability to see others damage, or just your own, I think a lot of people would like to be able to keep track of this kind of thing.


I have a lot of other random ideas, but I just wanted to jot these "simpler" ones down in case anyone was looking for a project. The lesser scout flies especially I think has a lot of potential for download haha.

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